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Yet Another New iPhone Ad: 'Check'

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 28, 2009.

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    For the third time in three days, Apple has posted a new iPhone commercial to their ad gallery. The new ad again focuses on three iPhone applications, this time related by their ability to "check" up on things by accessing various types of information.

    - SnowReports [App Store]: checking up on ski and snowboard conditions at over 2,000 resorts worldwide
    - Lose It! [App Store]: checking your weight loss regimen by accessing nutritional information and tracking diet and exercise
    - G-Park [App Store]: marking the location of your parked car with integrated options of photos and notes and using GPS to obtain directions back to the car

    Article Link: Yet Another New iPhone Ad: 'Check'
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    i still think the iPhone is crooked in these adds.
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    Based on the comments for G-Park, I am a little surprised Apple use this app in an ad.
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    Well done for noticing that the phone is being held at a slight angle.
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    Hence the "sequence shortened" notice at the end.

    No way does Maps open that fast.

    I hope you are being sarcastic.
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    Lose it isn`t available in the Canadian Store apparently. :eek:
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    That whered I park app is a great idea!:eek:
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    the angle makes it look sexier. Its a marketing tool. If they held it upright, people would not pay attention. upright things don't get any attention. Crooked things get all the attention- just check out Rod Blagoevich OH NO HE JUST DIDNT
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    It is, and I'm sure it's being done on purpose. Keep in mind most normal* people (a) won't notice and (b) wouldn't care if they did.

    *"Normal" people can be defined as those who don't go online to watch every iPhone ad Apple releases, but just occationally happen to see it while watching the latest episode of LOST.

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    i'm glad that they are making new ads for the iphone, but i really think they can do better than this. i usually think apple makes great ads, but these just seem to be lacking to me

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