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Yet Another New iPhone Ad: 'Shopper'

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Apr 7, 2010.

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    Apple is continuing its rapid-fire release of new iPhone commercials, this time posting one entitled 'Shopper' to its iPhone ad gallery. The new ad again uses a narrative style to feature iPhone applications, demonstrating how an iPhone user could research espresso machines, ask for opinions from family and friends, and check prices.

    The commercial first features Safari, showing the mobile web browser accessing the iPhone-formatted version of ProductWiki to research various espresso machines before the narrator uses the Messages application to send MMS messages to his wife's sister for opinions on color. After settling on a model, the narrator scans the barcode on the item using RedLaser ($1.99) to run a price check for other stores. Finding another store with a cheaper price, the narrator is linked directly to the Maps application for directions.

    Article Link: Yet Another New iPhone Ad: 'Shopper'
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    franswa za


    another f*****d up app. for braindead people...... viva usa!

    bring on some more!

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    Anyone get this when trying to view with Google Chrome?


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    What? I wasn't aware that scanning barcodes with your phone is for "braindead people".
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    It's a fine commercial, as it demonstrates some uses. This may be common knowledge to some, but not the general public.

    You're probably what we refer to as a power user, not to be confused with power bottom. Settle down.
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    the google maps is in austin tx, off the mopac. w00t.
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    Male voice! Oh no!
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    What's with all these add releases?

    OS 4.0 is being detailed in <24h.
    Are they trying to convince us with these adds we don't need new hardware this year, before they tell use the'll be no new phone?
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    Only Caucasians....

    use the iPhone? :confused:
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    comparison shop for apps first!

    Cool ad!

    Now, if you take their advice, look for free apps that do the same thing first :D

    For example pic2shop, which reads barcodes on all iPhones, including the 1st-gen and 3G, and often returns more results.
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    Apple’s Ads are just that — ADVERTISEMENTS. . . (i.e. encouriaging you to spend your MONEY on their products; whether you wan’t to believe it or not)

    for your health. . .

    To Quote Wikipedia:
    [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consumer”]Wikipedia > Consumer[/url]
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    Nope, all seems fine to me at this end

    Lol.. trust me... dont even bother replying to him, all of his other posts on this forum are the same
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    Where's the Download Option?

    Hello all.

    Slightly off-topic, but I've noticed that Apple are now using HTML5 to display their videos online.

    This causes a slightly problem for me: I have limited bandwidth and often like to download a video so I can watch it as many (or few) times as I like without having to re-download it again and again, thus eating up my bandwidth for no reason :-(

    With the previous ads, I could save the video thanks to QT Pro's save feature, but I haven't found any means of saving HTML5 embedded video. The necessary file doesn't even appear in the Safari's or Firefox's Activity window :-(

    Does anyone know if it's possible to download an HTML5 embedded video to the Desktop?
  14. H$R
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    yeah here's a workaround I found the other day:

    In Firefox press "⌘u" to show the source code of the webpage.

    Then you have to either scroll down and look for the link yourself or search for ".mov" (The newest ad in normally the first movie link you'll see, but you see the names for the other recent ads anyway)

    There you will find a link where it is on the Apple servers. Don't click on it. Copy and paste it into a new Firefox tab/window.

    In this case it's here: http://movies.apple.com/media/us/iphone/2010/ads/apple-iphone3gs-ad-shopper-us-20100406_848x480.mov
    And the one from the day before is here: http://movies.apple.com/media/us/iphone/2010/ads/apple-iphone3gs-ad-concert-us-20100405_848x480.mov

    In Firefox you can now save it as usual with the right cklick.

    For Safari it would work similar but I've just seen that it shows the Video once again in a special way instead of the old school Quicktime where you just can right click to save. So right now I have no idea how to do it with Safari. (Maybe search through the cache or something)
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    Thanks for that. Tested it in Firefox on those ads and it worked like a charm. I then thought I'd try it with the iPad intro video (the one with Jonny Ives at the start) but no joy: not a hint of a .mov file, or a movies.apple.com location or anything...

    Getting stuff off the web used to be more simpler until recently :-(
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    Saw that when the ad ran last night... recognized the area. I even paused the ad and looked where the "home" pin was... nothing amazing, but i wonder if someone who lives there will see it and go "hey, that's my house!"

    Google Map URL
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    Lol! I just about peed!
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    Worked fine in Chrome OSX
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    No, only people with caucasian colored hands and vocal cords.
  20. H$R
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    Ok, then you have do dig a little bit deeper..
    Here's the link for the iPad video you mentioned: http://movies.apple.com/media/us/ipad/2010/tours/apple-ipad-video-us-20100130_r848-9scie.mov?width=848&height=480

    It almost works the same. Again, view the source code, and then search for
    "/ipad/includes/video-ipad.html#video" (sadly this name will be different on every other video..but the source code normally isn't that big for one page, so I am sure you'll find your links for other videos)
    Now click on this link and it will open a new source code page where you'll find the .mov. Copy that link (don't directly click on it) and you're good to go again.

    I've looked around some other Apple pages and it seems to work, you'll just have to find the links yourself.
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    Lather, wash, rinse, repeat. Its a winning formula for apple ad campaigns.
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    Baffling you went through the trouble to look that up and post it.
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    It wasn't long ago that there was a futuristic movie, Minority Report, where actors doing ads on video screens addressed passersby directly. We are headed in that direction.

    You go to take a sh*t, and a message pops up, "our toilet paper is oh so soft. Buy it today.."

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