Yikes I am buying wayyyyyy too many Apps!

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by random person, Apr 2, 2010.

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    Instapaper, Pages, Print Central, Weather Bug, Scrabble, 1000 Ultimate Experiences.

    Plus some free ones -- IBooks, Netflix, NPR, ABC, it goes on and on!!!!!

    Somebody stop me NOW please!!!:eek:
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    I purchased a few that I wish I hadn't. Not to self: wait to see what's out there before impulse buying.
  3. ugp
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    I am waiting to see how the device is before I go buying up Apps for the iPad.

    I did notice Apps having two version in one. That is really nice to have.
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    Way Way Too Many

    I am up to about 24 iPad apps and 5 universal apps (although 3 of the universal apps I already had on iPhone, they just updated to universal)
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    Yes your count and this thread made me feel a lot better: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=887506
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    I'm at 35 apps, probably spent a few hundred bucks last night.
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    I got a ton of apps to but most of them were free. I paid for At Bat: 2010, a must for me and Shredder, a good chess game. With those 2 and about 30 free ones. They have quite a few good free apps.

    I hope I don't get the late delivery time tomorrow.
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    I'm thinking that one reason to download key apps now is to beat the rush when everyone comes home with their new toy tomorrow! Apple isn't AT&T but still things might get overwhelming for their servers nonetheless.
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    Chris Rogers

    Honestly, the only one I found worth my $ was Pages.
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    I'm falling behind most of you lol. So far I have 6 apps that I bought/downloaded for my iPad.

    Marvel Comics

    I'll probably get the MLB app as well and I'm also looking at a note taking app. I saw some of them on the Apps store yesterday but since I've never used one on my iPhone I wasn't sure which one would be good choice.

    Has anyone used a note taking app on their iPhone that will be available on the iPad? If so, which one did you use and would you recommend it?

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    Chris Rogers

    EverNote (free)
    Awesome Note(not free)
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    I have also bought quite a few (iWorks Suite, Magic Piano, lots of free stuff) but I am really tempted to buy "Things". It seems like a really nice task manager/organizer but $20 seems a little much without being able to read any reviews.
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    I bought 1Password and Plants vs. Zombies. I know what to expect with those apps, so I have no problem purchasing before launch. All others I got were free.
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    I personally am not buying ANY apps. We've seen the prices fluctuating a lot in the last 24 hours. Apps that were 4.99 yesterday are .99 today.

    Some apps that had a cost are now showing as free.
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    I just spent about $100 on apps...probably didn't need all of them...oh well:)
  16. ugp
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    Magic Piano was a must! Smule is awesome and I love them.

    I had to get the Dora Coloring Book App for my daugther.

    98% of the 60+ Apps though I've downloaded were free.

    I am really thinking about Touch Grind HD though. Looks sweet.
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    I going crazy downloading apps before actually receiving my iPad, too. I only downloaded free ones for now because I ordered the 3G model. If I was going to get mine tomorrow, then I would also buy the 3 iWorks apps today.

    I need to do an Eric Cartman and freeze myself instead of waiting for my iPad to come late April :p
  18. ugp
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    I am not sure if I will use Pages and Numbers. I know I won't ever use Keynote.
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    I have over 45 Apps and most are free. My laptop only has free Apps at this time but at home my MacPro has a few purchased Apps, I've spent $30 so far. Pages @ $10 was my first App, no way to avoid owning it.

    The picture is a shot of my Macbook Pro's free apps, 37 of them and that's not counting the dual free apps like Netflix.

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    Chupa Chupa

    I'm a cheapskate. I've only bought Pages & Wolfram Alpha. I'm waiting for the inevitable price drops. Scrabble, for example, is not worth $10. Maybe $5-7.

    Once I see the reviews of the various print apps I'll probably buy one of those.
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    The only one I'm buying is Pages. I'll stick to upscaled iPhone apps for all the paid apps.

    I did download iBooks, ABC and Netflix though.
  22. CVC
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    Yes, that was me. I bought WeatherBug last night for $4.99. This morning they lowered it to $.99. I emailed Apple for a refund, since I haven't even used the app yet!

    I learned a valuable lesson however, and I am not buying anymore apps for a few more days and the prices stabilize and some reviews start coming out.
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    The only ones I have actively downloaded are iBooks and Netflix. Three of my iPhone apps have updated into universal apps, and I'm hoping a few more will before I need them.
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    can pages export to .doc - how do transfers get handled - anyone have a link?
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    Chris Rogers

    Yeah, they mentions that in the keynote

    I dunno about the rest

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