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Yoobao iSmart iPad 2 Leather Case

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Cmegamighty, May 29, 2011.

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    Has anyone bought this case? I want to buy it from ebay. It costs in the $40-$50 price range with free shipping from HK. It even has the smart cover technology built in... Take a look. It doesn't take the thin look and feel away from the ipad. Actually, i think it looks pretty cool!
  2. gigaguy, May 29, 2011
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    2 huge posts on the Yoobao here, I love mine, you can get it cheaper on amazon.
    oops - I see this is a new version, folds like the smart cover. unfortunately it seems that Yoobao are great but their 2nd and 3rd revisions are better.
    here we go again.
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    Can you give me a link to the one on amazon? Is there a white color one?

    Furthermore where can I find a review of this? Is the material it's made from good/sturdy and does the cover flap stay closed as opposed to flapping open?
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    I dont see this case on amazon though
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    nor did I and if they are referring to the case that looks like the Yoobao on Amazon, its not the same thing, I have not seen this new one on Amazon.

    Perhaps one of the other posters who said it was on Amazon would be ond enough to post a link.
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    Really interested in this one! Please let me know if anyone gets it.

    Interested to see if it has that strong leather smell from the first yoobao case. Might carry over to this case but they I think they might of learnt from having to do a revised version already.

    Also if the stand is stable. If the cutouts are perfect and if it's a nice snug fit. Also the quality and if the cover turns the on/off feature when turned all the way to the back of the case. Again...a fix they had to do in the revised version of their other case.
  7. gigaguy, May 29, 2011
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    looks nice. but is it really an improvement on the 2 fold version?
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    cutouts aren't precise

    Look at the pictures closely and you and see that the cutouts aren't precise. Stuff is off centered
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    I didn't like mine.
    The magnetic switch never worked.
    I got the ion case to replace it.
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    goo.gl/vymfx This Yoobao Smart Cover Genuine Leather case For iPad 2, $35.99 has anybody tried it?
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    And what do you think we're discussing here?
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    Lauren, crazy me, ordered a black I-smart. Yoobao is my favorite folio case.
    We'll see if they've improved on the slim exec folio. I had 4 of those, a ver1 and 3 ver2s, that i got in the $14 deal. Sold 2 easily to friends and will sell off one more if i like the I-smart. Will keep the red slim, love it.
    Wary of first versions but hopefully they learned from the other folio.
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    Someinfo, thanks for that info.
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    i bought one of these in the UK for £28 and i feel robbed.

    Its awful.

    Cut outs dont fit, stinks of chemicals, lock function doesnt work all to name a few.

    This being its the version 2 i ordered!

    Not v happy myself so have gone with the switcheasy canvas
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    Danny, which model are you talking about? The one being discussed here is brand new, with no revisons (yet). An earlier Yoobao case that looks similar has had 2 revisions with the problems you mention. THey look alike, but this one folds up like the Apple smart cover into a triangle. the earlier model only folded into a stand into a clip on the back..
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    zhoulana and 3goldens ---This is the older case!!
    the new one this thread is about is called I-Smart and folds like the smart cover with no clip on the back. look at the first pics on this thread again. people are getting the 2 mixed like I originally did.
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    It is a mistake.

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    Oh too funny! It seems we both just love the form factor of good ol' Yoobao, I swear I have looked high and low for a leather case that would duplicate everything about the Yoobao - however, I was very grateful to the poster below for giving me a heads up!

    I really appreciate you letting us know about this case, as I was about to order one! Could you please post in this forum when the problems with the Yoobao iSmart cover are fixed?
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    Now I'm getting nervous with all these posts. Most are about the slim exec case that came out months ago.

    What does some info mean by 'the cover is a little short'? I think he means supply, hopefully.
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    The poster above mentioned complaints from overseas, so I thought he was referring to a defect in this new design - that the cover was too short. Perhaps he meant they did not manufacture enough of them?? I hope he posts back here soon.
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    Yikes, I ordered I-Smart already, dam, if they know it's flawed then why sell it.
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    Thank you SO much for letting us know that there is a problem with the Rev 1. I hope you can let us know when the Rev 2 is ready!:D

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