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Yoobao Lively Case (now including video-review // like original Apple iPad 1 case)

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by orschinger, May 12, 2011.

  1. orschinger, May 12, 2011
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    I'm so looking forward to reading / watching the first reviews! I'm slightly disappointed by the yoobao executive leather case, so I really hope this one is a worthy follow up to the original Apple iPad 1 case. Pictures look great!

    Whoever has information: this is the place to put it.
  2. sotie, May 12, 2011
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    Yeah, I'd like to see more on this one.
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    I was able to locate this case for $17 and change from a chinese website.
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    I'm counting on Mr Metagamers - best reviewer out there :)
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    Is there anybody out there? Got a Yoobao Lively? Seen a review? Let me know :)
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    Mine arrived on Friday and been sporting it since then. I left a review on Amazon but I'm afraid my review has taken a slight step down.

    Bottom line...this is a GREAT caser if you are looking for low profile, good quality and well fitted (mostly). All of the controls are accessible, the cut outs are smooth and conforming and all ports work as expected.

    BUT (you saw that coming didn't you?)...I went back and read some reviews that came in around the same time as mine and at least 2 (maybe 3) posters commented about the magnets not being strong enough. This is apparently the 2nd revision of this product. The first revision the magnets were too strong and would put the iPad in sleep mode when the cover was folded back over itself. So I guess to fix that they used weaker magnets. Problem is, now the sleep function isn't as reliable. I might not have even noticed it except one of the reviewers posted a hit to the battery and this is a BIG deal to me. I'm ALL about the battery. So yesterday I was keeping an eye on it and I'm afraid the posters are right. The magnet connection is slight enough that even a small shift in the cover back towards the spine can cause the disconnect and reconnect. It doesn't "stick" well enough to withstand slight pressure. I'm not sure if this is making sense.

    With the iPad just laying on a desk closed it's fine. But if you are putting this in a large bag, briefcase, purse, etc., you are going to have issues with the smart function turning on and off.

    Then last night I charged it up. I had the iPad propped against the wall (on the floor) and this morning when I picked it up the screen was already on (dimmed), and while it was charged at 100% I was not greeted by my lock screen which is set to turn on after one hour of inactivity. This means (I believe) my iPad stayed turned on all night long which does not make me a happy camper.

    So I don't know what to say about this cover. It's almost perfect save for this magnet issue. If the smart function isn't critical to you then you can always turn the functionality off in the system settings but the smart sleep functionality is WHY I bought this case over some others. So for me that's not really an answer.

    From what I can tell the Amazon front company (distributor I guess) has been responsive so I plan to contact them to see what they have to say about it. I don't know what the answer is. I guess this case would need stronger magnets to function thought the leather, but then stronger magnets mean when folded back while in use it could put the iPad to sleep.

    ETA: I wanted to clarify about the (mostly) conforming fit. I believe the tight fit may be partially why the magnet issue exists. I can see where my iPad, if a smidgen tighter to the right in the case, might work better with the sleep functionality. I've been trying to be patient and break the case in so all is not necessarily lost with this case. However my gut says stronger magnets really are needed, yet if they are used then you have sleep issues while the case is open.
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    @French: I guess you are mixing up the Yoobao Executive Leather Case with the one that I mean. The LIVELY is a different case than the one AYL is selling (see link in my first post).
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    I guess I am confused as the case in your first post looks identical to the one I got from AYL online. The way I understand it AYL is the authorized US reseller for Yoobao.

    Are you sure we aren't talking about the same case? What is the difference between them? A quick Google search for Yoobao Lively comes up with pictures that are identical to what I have including the description of leather and sleep functionality.
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    The cases look similar and are a similar concept but the Lively case is fabricated with PU (polyurethane) as opposed to leather and I think has moulded/glued seams instead of stitching.
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    I'm not seeing any difference and did not find anything kn their English site called a Lively case, so perhaps alink on the English site might help?

    I'm also very surprised to read here for the first time their are still magnet issues with this product. But it makes sense if the cover is not secure and can open slightly the unit will go on and begin draining the battery.

    Thanks for making me aware of that!

    I hope they resolve this soon, seem like they need a magnet closure system as well.
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    For the "Yoobao Lively" see the link I posted in the first post. Here are some of the pictures. It is clearly different from the "Yoobao Executive Leather Case" - it's got no stitching, is of different material and comes in black or white only (whereas the "Executive Leather Case" comes in brown, red and black).

    Material- and productionwise this one seems to be even more like the original Apple Ipad1 Case - which I for one still think is the best case out there.

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    I can't find it on their English site but if you look at images between the first and second link you will noticed the differences i.e. surface texture and white on black stitching on the Amazon leather link....
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    yea I see that now

    where did you find it for 17 bucks?

    I was able to locate this case for $17 and change from a chinese website.

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    The "Yoobao Lively" is all over ebay now - I just ordered the black one and I'll post my impressions as soon as it arrives :)
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    sold from hong kong.
    hope you like it!
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  18. 3goldens, May 18, 2011
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    What was the shipping charge
    Did you use google translator?
    Share how you did this so others can try!
    Actually the ones on eBay with their shipping are about the same price with shipping.
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    Yes, google translate. I just took a peek at ebay using "yoobao lively" as a search term and current prices with shipping are about $33-35 so I think taobao.com is cheaper.
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    Hi all. Ayone received their case yet? Keen to hear some feedback on the quality of the leather used. Thanks.
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    It is not worth the effort to figure out the translation thing, maybe if you were ordering more than one it would make sense. I just don't have the energy to sift through it and then order it and hope that I got it right.

    There are Ebay guys selling it for around the same price.

    I'm going to wait this one out, see how yours turns out and then decide!
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    I'm not buying it... I was just passing the information along. I have a Vaja Libretto.
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    fancy pants;)!
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    I'm still waiting for mine. I'll let you guys know :)
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    As I was reading about the new, smartcover-style Yoobao: Isn't there anybody out there, who has this thread's case? I mean the Yoobao Lively? I'm actually still waiting for mine to arrive. I'd love to hear from you guys what your experiences are!

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