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You and a celebrity.

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by RedRocksU2, Oct 17, 2008.

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    Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) and I at the airport
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    You may recognize some of them:

    Last one is like that because the flash messed up the photo
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    Me and Anakin Skywalker a few years back.

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    Wow and that was a few years back? Has it really been that long since Episode 1 came out? Now I feel old....
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    Me and Kobe Bryant on my trip with Make a Wish.

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    I think the term "celebrity" is entirely subjective. I have never heard of anyone posted so far in this thread.
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    you havent heard of Kobe Bryant?

    He's my favorite bball player by far
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    Is that Corey Feldman?

    I was able to get most of the few posted so far, but must object to that kid Anakin being a celebrity - he is hanging onto the shirtsleeves of StarWars for dear life..
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    Neither have I.
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    or I, (except maybe for Kobe, i dont like basketball tho.. i still know who he is, teh dude that had an affair on his wife and everyone made a huge deal about it right?)
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    The only one I'd have would be a photo of me and Will Smith and Eva Mendes during Hitch filming at Ellis Island. Eva Mendes looks nice in a wetsuit.

    I don't have the picture though, I think it was taken with a film camera, so I really have no idea where it is. Oh well.
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    I don't recognize everyone, but you haven't heard of Linkin Park? Or David Hyde Pierce?
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    P&T in Vegas a few years ago

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    if i was walking down a street and i saw any of the above people (except kobe bryant) i would not recognize that they're a "celebrity" lol
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    My girlfriend and I got to hang out backstage with Seether not long ago at a show here in Oklahoma. I programmed a radio station at the time and the promoter for the band and I became good friends...

    yes, my eyes were closed when the flash went off.

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    Nope. Top two are?
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    I've got a bunch of photos with popular underground metal bands, but honestly, I doubt they would be considered celebrities to most here.
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    Recognize any of these celebrities?

    These are from quite a few years back. I tried to upload a few more recent ones but the file size was too big. Will repost them later on.

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    A Teamster, by chance?
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    Me and some senator. Met on an airplane (he was in coach). Figures I forgot to turn the flash on.

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    Re: Recognize any of these celebrities?

    Yep! Great guess! Trailers in the background gave it away.
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    Yeah, I figured either that or you had family in the biz. What do you drive, normally? Not the Honeywagon, I hope.:p Working on anything good?
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    That first pic made me wanna see LP live, so if i can't do that, YOUTUBE!
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    Lucky you!
    He is probably the only one i've heard of...except linkin park but i wouldn't recognize them if i saw them on the street.

    Oh and you are TALL if thats the slight height difference between you and kobe!
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    A few more celebrities most will recognize...

    Been in the business for almost 21 years. Work as transportation coordinator or captain and even drive a honeywagon occasionally but I like the wardrobe trailer best for the hours without some of the headaches. Are you in the business also? Maybe we've worked together before? I just started a pilot for HBO on Friday. Work is slow though. I've also worked at the Apple Store for a year or so part time and worked on a couple movies with Justin Long that does the Apple/PC commercials but I didn't have a chance to get a picture with him.

    Here are a few more recent pictures.

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