You can BUY movies using Apple TV?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by settledown, Mar 26, 2007.

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    I have been told by someone who owns an Apple TV that he was able to BUY a movie directly using the Apple TV. He said it was only possible because he has "one-click" purchasing enabled on his itunes account.

    I havent anymore details, but I figured someone here may be able to confirm or at least try this to see if it is actually possible.

    p.s. I wrote this because I was under the impression (from as many web sites as I have read) that the Apple TV cannot buy movies. Only watch trailers.
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    u can buy movies from iTunes store (from the computer where iTunes was installed, might that be a windows or a OSX), Im not sure if ATV will show iTunes store UI on your TV tho.
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    He must have a magic box, then, because I've got it enabled for me, too, and there's no purchase option when using Apple TV. Nor is there a way to even see anything but the top selling movies (i.e., no real browse function).
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    So either he was lying, or, he didnt actually buy the movie....

    I will have to go find him and press him for some answers.
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    are you sure? directly from itunes store without mac? all I know is that you must hook Apple TV up with mac for transferring purchased content. it's not having that feature yet. I also didn't find the option that you can buy movie directly from Apple TV. I don't think so. it's not possible yet.

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