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you guys are definitely rubbing off on me...

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development (archive)' started by brianellisrules, Feb 10, 2004.

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    Especially Rower_CPU!

    OK, I felt the need to share this with you guys...

    A buddy of mine is starting up a webpage. He doesn't know anything about webdesign, so he asked a friend of his to help him out. Apparently she's really knowledgeable about Flash, web design and stuff like that and has a bunch of experience. The progress has been slow, but he showed me the ULTRA-Preliminary design: http://www.lmpdesign.com/lc/

    Again, this is ultra-preliminary, but I think it looks pretty good. I checked out the code and surprise, surprise, nothing but tables.

    So, I was telling him about CSS and how he had to get his friend on board with it... well, he was kinda blowing me off so I whipped together my own version of his page: http://www.brianellisrules.com/temp/lc/

    I think it looks pretty close... and notice the difference in the code! haha.

    Yeah, this really isn't relevant to anything, but I felt the need to share anyway. :D
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    Very nicely done!

    It's always to see the collective efforts of the forum paying off for individual members and for awareness of web standards to be spread.

    Kudos, Brian. :)
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    you would think that showing someone how do the work with 1/3 the code would be a huge selling point. great job on the conversion (the original still has ugly table borders, that's soooo '98 :D).
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    Brian, great work. I don't know a thing about CSS. Where can I learn something about it. I'd love to publish my own zine.

    Thx, keep up the good work.
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    Sweeeeeeeeet! I'm all about the trimmed down code... I didn't realize you could use style sheets like that... I'll have to use them on my website... it's a website that should help people get familiar with XCode and coding in the XCode gui... all it says on it right now is "work in progress" and I have a phpbb forum set up but I'm not advertising yet... I got a good domain name though... ;)
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    Its the same amount of code since you need to count the CSS file as well. You just moved the code and changed the skillset from HTML to CSS.

    I would venture to guess that the tabled version would degrade better, whereas a complete CSS implementation is restricted to "newer" browsers.

    Why does everyone hate tables anyway? I rather enjoy them (combined with CSS of course :D )

    Man I am confrontational today :rolleyes:
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    As soon as someone hits more than one page in a site, the cached CSS file saves page weight with each successive page view. After 3 pages on the new design, you've used the same bandwidth as 2 on the old. After 11 pages, 5. More bang for your buck.

    There's nothing wrong with tables, when you use them as tables. Layout tables are wrong for many reasons, a few being:
    • linearization of content
    • page weight
    • non-semantic use of HTML

    As for browser support, I'll let mezzoblue do the talking.

    No worries on the confrontation. It's an important dialog for the web dev community. :)
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    true, but your actual html code is much cleaner, and if you have more than one page, all of the formatting is done already, you don't have to type it in for every page. i'll agree, tables degrade far better if you're using text browsers like links or w3m, but most high-content sites would look terrible in them anyway - unless you're using frames, and that's a whole different can of worms :D .

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