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"you need to restart your computer...." powerbook G4

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by bigrock2150, Dec 6, 2009.

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    Hello all, Im new to Macrumors as well as Macs in general so sorry for my ignorance; anyway I Bought a Powerbook 17 G4 1.67 ghz on ebay and it was beat to hell(cosmetically), so I replaced the outer case. In order to replace the case I had to take everything out (including the motherboard) and put it back in the new case. I accidently mangled the Bluetooth board when installing it and I have a new one coming in the mail. Is there any chance that the lack of a bluetooth board is causing this message? It seems as though the computer would at least boot to the desktop without it? Other than the Bluetooth board I'm fairly certain I re-installed everything correctly but I cannot seem to shake this "Kernal message". All of the internal components are stock from apple(ram, hdd etc..). Anyone know what the dang is up with my PB?

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    That screen means kernal panic which could be caused by a missing bluetooth board. It also could be corrupt ram or a dead hard drive.
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    I guess I'll just have to wait for the bluetooth card to come in the mail to know for sure. Thanks for the reply
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    Was it working before you replaced the outer case? My suggestion would be to open it back up and check everything inside. Just to make sure you connected everything back correctly. As for the BT problem you think everything would work except the BT. I also would check the ram. If you have two ram chips try removing one and reboot.
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    When I turn on the computer I am prompted with this message immediately after the "chime" noise and I can't get anywhere further than that, so I'm not sure I can access the Panic reporter. But thanks for the suggestion! Is there anyway I can access the computer's Log without access to the desktop? The computer didn't come with any of the original instillation cd's so all i have is the computer itself.

    I have also opened and closed the computer quite a few times to make sure everything is placed correctly, and it seems to be all in place. I only have 1 512mb ram chip and I have tried it in both slots but it still gives me the same message when I try to boot up. Yes, It did work before I changed the case. I just hope I didn't do something that fried the whole computer somehow. Well thanks to both of you for your suggestions!
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    Just installed a new bluetooth card and I get the same message. Anyone have any more ideas? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated...
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    Since you replaced the bottom casing. Did you reapply some thermal paste?

    Here are the instructions.
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    yeah I applied thermal paste, but I didn't do it exactly like that. I was going to take the motherboard out again anyway so i'll give that a try. Thanks...

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