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Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by abrooks, Feb 2, 2005.

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    I don't know if its just me but I have an obsession with Apples 30" Cinema Displa, so anyone out there with one of these or even two, I would appreciate some piccys :D
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    Im obsessed with them. Although pricey, once they drop under $2500, I'll get one. I feel pity for those that paid $3999 for the 22" Cinema Display several years ago.

    Imagine my 20" LCD placed on it's side and multiplied by 2.5 and I've got a pretty good idea how much bigger the 30" is than to my 20".
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    I don't have a 30 incher but I've got a huge......... :eek:

    Oh......Your talking about displays......My bad.

    The topic was just begging for it. :D
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    Oh wow, never thought about it that way! That's CRAZY!
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    Well I was wondering how long it would be before someone made the obvious joke. 2nd reply, not too bad :D
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    OK people lets not take advantage of my slightly suggestive title :p
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    so is this some form of unhealthy fetish?
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    when i bought my 17in sony lcd a few years ago, i thought it was huge. then :eek:

    how much bigger is the 30in from 23 and 17 :confused:
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    7" and 13" respectively. :p
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    Haha, you beat me to it.
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    This is a little different than what the title was suggesting. I thought someone was spying on me!! :eek:
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    Too late now buddy-boy! :D

    I keep my 30 incher in my pants... ;)
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    Your all out there claiming your sizes, does anyone wish to post a picture of there big one? :D
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    "Posts lasting longer than four hours, consulte a physician immediately."
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    If you put this back into the intended subject of this thread, i'd say that would be hard to do, unless you have gigantic pants. :D
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    children, children.... :rolleyes: :)
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    I also am very interested in the 30" Cinema Display. So far it's only looking at on when I visit my local Apple Store. My wife is also very interested.
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    You know it doesn't help that this is in the picture gallery and its called your 30 incher :rolleyes:

    but back on subject i wonder, does anyone have dual 30 inchers?
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    Is it possible to drive 2 30" displays with a video card currently available?

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    I would love to know what kind of FrameRate you get with UT2004 on that 30" with the Xtra Graphic's Card in the G5.

    Anybody have a clue?

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    Hey now, this could be a mastercard commercial...

    buying the 23" acd in july/02.....$3499
    needing the dvi -> adc adapter...$199
    watching everybody piss and moan and get green with envy years ahead of the curve...priceless


    Yeah you pay dearly for high-end gear, especially apple. But when your family, friends, see that screen, it somehow is worth it. Oh yeah and the fact that it is the best ****ing monitor on the planet...well that helps too,

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    Yes I seen it in action. It cost about $500, check the apple store. :)
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    Either of the nVIDIA 6800s from
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    Aye, that I do :(

    Well, I couldn't keep it down there while wearing them (thankfully ;))
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    Dual 30" displays are old hat. Someone get the PCI Express version of the X800 and get 3 of those displays running!

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