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Your Absolute Favorite Mac Game

Discussion in 'Games' started by mc68k, Apr 28, 2002.

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    Mine -> Tetris

    Original port for Mac
    Spectrum Holobyte
    Black and White

    Countless hours on this. Replay value=100%. Curious to know what your all-time favorite game of is for the Mac (since this is Mac gaming).
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    I still have a tetris on my computer..it can be alright.. think Sierra's LodeRunner was good, especially the custom-built levels...recently, I picked up cro-mag rally and played a bit with my brothers (hey, I'm still young) and it can be sorta fun...quake3 was good but I got bored and I started playing the Instagib mod, rail guns only, and now my accuracy is so good, I can go to those Internet/game cafes and pwn the whole building!..but i think loderunner wins overall...

    BTW, you know there's a Tetris built into OSX in the terminal?
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    Risk. What a game.
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    ROFL! Beej, that's the funniest thing I've seen in a while (your avatar)! Good work, fits your style. The animated smoke with the corn was cool, could you bring that back?

    Tetris in the terminal? I'm VERY curious. Show me please. I'm addicted to all forms of tetris.
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    risk is good.

    as are the civ games...

    can be very very addicting
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    OK..in a terminal, type "emacs" (without the quotes), then press Esc, then x, then type "tetris" and you're in...spacebar and arrows are the keys I think..havent played for ages..
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    If the demand is great enough, I may be forced to animate the smoke...
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    Thanks, sort of cheesy, but available wherever there's UNIX. Just like the vi text editor (my fav).
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    Mr. Anderson

    My favorite has to be MythII. Bungie kicked @ss with that one. I'd just like to see Halo soon.:D
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    Only thing I've ever played is Aquamines...most of my gaming past occured on PCs and platforms...sorry:(
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    Toss up......

    Diablo 2 is the current frontrunner.

    Quake 3 (Network test Beta demo)

    Driver (Hacked Demo)

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    RE: "Driver" demo mods.

    Does anyone remember how to make the 'Frisco map work? I can't get the event script to show up. I ran the demo once through to get the map but don't have the event script and I'm bored with Miami.

    For those who don't know, the "Driver" demo is easily hacked into a 1 city Titanium Deathcar free-for-all.:D But you're stuck in Miami until you play it once without the hacks and "lose the tail" at which point (theoretically) you should be able to switch to SF.
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    I am a little surprised no one has mentioned this game. My new favorite is the Breakout game on the iPod. I almost set the record of 1376, but I only made 1348. (No photo, but it did happen.) When I ave time I will try for 1400.

    Before the iPod came out I was playing Sigma Chess on the Mac. It's a chess game and just gets better and better. I have played it from version 4, and although it has improved, I haven't.

    If you are looking for it (OS 9 or OS X), go to:

    If you are looking for that Breakout game, get an iPod and sit still.

    Any time is a great time for iPod.
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    If you had a screenshot, you could have won some money. Entries due 4/30 midnight.

    I agree. The game is fun as an on-the-go time waster (like in class :)).
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    My picture is due by tomorrow night? Well, I can always wait for the following contest.

    But when I break 1400 or 1500 I probably will post a photo (unedited by Photoshop).

    I have too much to do right now to score a new record. I MIGHT be able to squeeze in a round, but it will take two hours of my time.

    "like in class" . . . that reminds me. I could play the game into my English period!

    Any time is a great time for iPod.
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    Yes, tomorrow night.

    Now your thinking! Just don't let it draw attention to yourself. My high score was set in BIO class. I just wanted to post it to some iPod site for posterity, but instead I have the chance to win some $. Good deal.
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    Mac Brickout is the best mac game ever.

    I played that game for 4 years stright in high school. I can't wait til the OS X version is done.

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    Marathon Infinity
    nuff' said

    -edit: guess that macrumors doesn't like the infinity symbol (option+5)
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    Oh, yeah. I forgot about that (sort of). I have been using OS X and Sigma Chess for such a while I forgot about the top dog OS 9 version of Breakout. That was an above average game, but a little hard.

    Question about the game Brickout: I was able to get up to Level 19 on the demo version 4.0.something and I hit the ball through the transporters to where it should go into the small passage on the left. But the ball kept bouncing back and forth and the game locked up.

    What was wrong? I don't need an answer now, but it would be nice to know. I was running 9.1, most likely.

    Any time is a great time for iPod.
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    me hate windows

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    Best Game

    I know I'm dating myself, but i got lots of good time out of ZORK (original on the Apple II+) and then for the Macs.
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    mac games

    Fool's Errand! Someone needs to port this to OS X, or even OS 9.

    Dark Castle!

    the Marathon Trilogy. I dunno about you, but I can beat most of it with just my Fist on Total Carnage.
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    wow that was a great game...

    when will we see an os x version? hmmm.....
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    Might be a while-- you can always emul8.
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    My favorite games are the following
    1. EV
    2. EVN
    3. UT
    4. EVO
    5. Marathon series

    Right now I'm playing EVN and UT can't wait for UT2K3.
    I wish I could get a faster computer then my G3 233 w/ a Rage 2+ Ugh.
    At this point there is quite a bit of lag which hurts me in UT.
    I like open ended games (1st.PS) or highly adaptable games (EV series).

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