Your first MP3 player?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by ritmomundo, Jan 26, 2013.

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    What was your first MP3 player?

    Mine was the Creative Nomad in 1999. Paid about 400-450 for it, and it had a whopping 64 megabytes. It even had FM radio and a voice recorder, and it came with a dock (the first ever dock apparently). I'm kind of bummed now that I sold it for $10 in a garage sale a few years ago. I didn't even get an iPod until 2005 (1st gen iPod nano).

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    Mine was a POS made by, if memory serves, RCA. Powered by one AA battery that lasted maybe three or four days. It was small and sounded OK. One or two gigs. I have no regrets dumping it.
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    Diamond multimedia pmp300. 32mb of storage, expandable to 64mb.

    I believe it was the first portable MP3 player. It couldn't even hold 1 compete cd worth of decent audio in stock memory.
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    We had one like that.
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    An RCA Lyra, bought in 2001 maybe. It held a 32MB compact flash card & cost me about $300 IIRC. Crazy to think about that now.

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    I held onto my CD player walkman until after college, I had my IPAQ for awhile, but it had low storeage.

    So, one day I was buying a gift for my ex GF at a best buy, and saw the Gateway DMP X20, 20 gigs of storage, ability to play OGG, WMA, MP3 and some other format, very good battery life, even by today standards, had a nice chrome finish, I paid 399 for it. Lasted me for almost 5 years before the battery finally crapped out.

    It had software that would scan your entire hard drive, for all playable files, and had a small online music store, which I never used.
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    A Hebrew

    My first portable device that could play mp3 files was an iPod Touch 2nd Gen. Before that I just used a CD player like a boss.
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    A Samsung clone with a meager amount of storage. Would have been sometime around 1996 I think? Looked very similar to this.

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    1st Gen Shuffle.

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    Mine was an iPod classic 5gb I got mine for 200 dollars
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    Creative Nomad, both this and the HDD one.
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    A Dell DJ in September 2004. In January I had gone back to school (12th grade) after Christmas break and the person in the desk next to me had gotten one for Christmas. I had never seen an MP3 player before and was fascinated. I thought it was a minidisc player at first. I immediately wanted one. I started researching MP3 players right away and saw the iPod for the first time. I ended up buying the Dell DJ after going to college for its cheaper price. I watched for sales and found a package deal with the higher capacity model and an in line remote included. I remember rocking out to it on campus walking to class and at my on campus job (cleaning flower pots and watering plants in the botany lab- true story). My Dell DJ broke maybe 2 years later and was replaced with the iPod Video when that came out.

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    Another for the Dell DJ. My wife bought it for me for my birthday. I was a little annoyed at having to convert iTunes purchases to listen to them on it but it was pretty amazing that I didn't have to lug around a case full of CDs all the time in order to listen to music. Kept it for a few years then got an iPod Video.
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    Creative Labs MuVo2. I took that thing everywhere. It was only 4MB of storage, but that was enough for a couple albums and enough podcasts to get me through my commute in & out of the city.

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    30GB iPod Photo. I rarely used it over the years so it still holds a charge and lasts for hours and hours,
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    I've never owned an iPod... my first MP3 player was a Sansa something-or-other. Then I got an cell phone that played MP3s (my first RAZR, lol) and then a messaging phone (Samsung Impression?) and then an iPhone 3G. :) What's an iPod? Oh wait... I remember that app on my 3G!

    First iPod I bought, though, was for my wife - a 1st gen Touch.
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    First MP3 player ever was the MPMan.


    This was my first MP3 Player. One of the first in the US, the RaveMP by Sensory Science later absorbed by SonicBLUE. This one had 16mb I think, I sold it a few months later. Wish I kept it for collectors sake.


    I've also owned the HipZip by Iomega when they were trying get people to like their Clik disk format.


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    iPod 4th gen 20gb. Need we say more?
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    This is mine and still with me through the years. Sad to say it is just 2GB so I can only keep less than 2hundred of songs.
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    30gig iPod Photo. The color screen was so amazing.
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    Jag Jaeger

    I bought my first MP3 Player of Sandisk and was of 2 GB with Fm-Radio, Picture Viewer included in it.

    Then after I bought 16 GB iPod.
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    My first MP3 player was a Rio 500. It came with 64MB and was upgradeable to 128MB.


    It was really not good. It was slow to load via USB 1.1 and only held an hour of music. It was nearly useless.

    I got my first iPod a few years later. It was a 3rd gen classic that I still use here and there to this day.


    It still rules. :)

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