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Your Jedi Name!

Discussion in 'Community' started by Hemingray, May 22, 2002.

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    Just thought this was pretty fun:

    According to MacNN, the DSS Name Convoluter creates your own Jedi name based upon your First Name, Last Name, Mother's Maiden Name, and City of Birth, the same method reportedly used by Lucas.

    First Name: Christian
    Last Name: Willis
    Mothers' Maiden: Cokas
    Birth City: Newport Beach

    My Jedi Name: Wilch Conew :D

    Post your names!
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    mine's nidja lafor.

    or nidja laft.

    i was born in ft. leavenworth so if i put fort i get the first, and ft. i get the latter... hmm...
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    That's strange... kind of cool though.

    Mine's Facpe Paply

    Really, really weird :D

    If this was the method used by Lucas, how did we end up with Mace Windu? There's not enough letters in the first name.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Anddo Zwjoh

    Now that's a name to put fear into the weak minded!
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    mine is Aymfr Camet...

    do not ask me how to pronounce it...

    AY-emfer kamet? :confused:
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    Trape Yenew...very interesting.

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    Blire Tawes :D
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    Ensign Paris

    Could someone help me out here, I can't do it (no Classic, I don't use OS9 anymore):

    First Name: Guy
    Last Name: Wickenden
    Mothers' Maiden: Hicks
    Birth City: Cookfield


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    Mr. Anderson

    Ha another weird one.

    Wicgu Hicoo

    The other padawans would have given all sorts of crap for that name. Now the name convoluter should also give you a picture of the race you would belong to given you name. You would be one ugly bug, Ensign, that's for sure:D
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    My name is:

    Gread Mofor


    You dont need a program to do it though:

    First Syllable of last name + First syllable of first name = First jedi name
    First syllable of mothers maiden name + first syllable of city born in = Jedi last name
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    Mr. Anderson

    Yes, you would be destined for the Dark Side....:D

    That name has evil written all over it!
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    Spadu Scdet
    yey another name to and to the list of nicknames :)
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    Ensign Paris

    Thanks Duke!

    Well, I can't say its the best name ever, but I am happy with it :)

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    mine is

    Jedi Canju Pewes

    errr. nasty! oh well.
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    Bakch Grsan

    I've seen tricks like this before to come up with things as low as, your pr0n star name. ::sigh::
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    From the looks of things, I think mine would be...

    Carja Copal?
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    Mine came up with Golad Czwor... I wonder if there is one for Darth name creations.... or do you just put that instead of Jedi??? I would much rather be from the dark side, since they get to have more fun. :D
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    Goldj Visan...

    pretty cool (i hate posting to this (edit), but I am an old skool star wars geek; not so sure about this new series though).
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    bad ass

    i'm Hitma Thjef
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    Gotja Weissil in tha hizzouch! Watch out anakin, there's a new badass in town...I think I'm a jedi version of pauly shore (the weasel) :D
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    Marro Dayre reporting for duty! :D
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    Orrda Codal

    kinda has an official ring to it.

    maybe: supreme commander Orrda Codal and his wife Orrla Wilos.

    she is the supreme commander's commander......:)
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    Man this is a stupid thread! Oh, well, it sucked me in, too.

    I'm Keibr Mared...

    We need to find one of those porn star name makers... they're always funny :D
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    Mr. Anderson

    Mine would be Fifi Lane (obviously a drag queen!)
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    Have you seen episode II yet?

    Two words- Bad A S S

    Much better that Episode I, and Im not even a Star Wars fan. Looks like the Jedi have some powers of their own, judging by Yodas reaction to the lightning bolts shooting from a dark Jedis hands....go see it. Watching Yoda in action is worth every second of hokey dialogue

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