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Your lawn..

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Fleetwood Mac, May 21, 2006.

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    Fleetwood Mac

    Well it's that time of year. Lawns looking their best all around the world.

    Mine is doing nicely, here's a close up.

    Hows yours?

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    I live in a high rise surrounded by cement. :(
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    Mine would be doing a lot better if I could keep the neighbor's kids out of it. The platoon or so of children living next door seem to think my lawn is the other half of their soccer pitch.
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    i live in a van... DOWN BY THE RIVER. no lawn to speak of. an occasional floating dead animal though!
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    Fleetwood Mac

    Shotgun? ;)

    I suppose you could always build a fence.
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    I built a fence last summer because of the same problem.

    My lawn is green... and not dead. Good enough.
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    No lawn but plenty of hookers and jonsers.

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    Dayum Straight.
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    Not the one at my parent's place (I live in a flat so I don't have one) - theirs is dying off because of the 1 in 100 year drought we've been in for the last three or four years and because the frosts are starting to really come in nicely.

    There's about 0.6 of a hectare so at least in the winter Dad doesn't have to mow it so much.
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    We don't have much grass in Arizona :)

    Lots of stones, dirt and desert landscaping.

    - Doc
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    I would post a picture of mine but it is so yet, it is probably a lake at the moment.
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    Here's the view out my office window just now. The lawn's looking pretty good this year, although there are a few weeds in the front.

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    Already looked into that (the fence, not the shotgun); even offered to pay for it. Landlord said no. Fortunately the girlfriend and I will be out of this house in about 3 months or so (finally getting off the rentwagon and buying), and a fence is on my list of things I'm looking for in a new place to live.
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    Staff Member

    Our builder apparently cheaped out on grass seed.

    Mine is on the 3 year track to goodness.. last year it looked like a barbie's head when you cut off all their hair. This year it's filled in a bit and the light fertilizer I out down has helped quite a bit.

    Next year (or this fall), I will be killing the weeds (of which there are a lot) and thereby reducing the "greenness" by about 40%. :)
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    Fleetwood Mac

    Before we re-did the grass we refered to our backyard as the garden of weedin'.
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    Normally mine would a brown, cracked lump of earth by now, but the unnatural amount of rain we're receiving in Kent at the moment has actually resulted in something that I've been prepared to grace with my bare feet. I guess that's the one upside of all this rain, especially since we've had a hosepipe ban enforced since last summer.

    Still, give it two weeks and it'll be back to tinder dry :D
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    My lawn is almost dead... its turned yellow and is like 40 % weeds... what can i do to help it :D I water it, and it was nice and green in the winter, but now it is almost completely dead again.. I'm thinking of replacing it, and then adding more plants and a stone border around the lawn..
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    The front and side yards at my house are doing very well. However the back yard has some parts of bare grass and around the perimeter there are some spots with no grass at all. I took these pics at 7:30, so the color isn't great. I'll take some tomorrow when there is better light.

    The pattern is starting to go away a bit. Because of all the rain the grass grew quickly so it clumped when I mowed it, thus I had to rake it wrecking the pattern. :(


    Yard at beach house from last year...
    Surprisingly the grass does pretty well there, with the harsh sun and mediocre soil, it really thrived.

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    Fleetwood Mac

    Not bad CompUser. I whish I had a summer house.. :D

    Thats one hell of a rock you got in the upper-right-hand corner on the first couple pics there. Did you have it placed or was it there when you got there?
  20. Guest

    They dug it up when they were digging. If you like that check this one out at my beach house.

    There is a large rock here at my beach house, its about the same size as the rock in my front yard, perhaps bigger. Its shrouded by many plants though. My friend at his rock has a rock like 2.5x+ bigger than the rock in my front yard, I don't know how they got it there.

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    Mr. Anderson

    Here's my back yard (taken from the upper/main level of the house)


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    Jealous of your lake! :eek: And pier :eek:

    Our lawn is looking OK, but nothing photo worthy. The field rocks at the moment, the sheep keep the grass nice and short, but the horses keep eating all of the flowers :mad:

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    Mr. Anderson

    If you had asked me a couple years ago that I'd be living on a lake, I'd have laughed at you. But the water is a nippy 65° right now, but we're supposed to have 70s and 80s this week, so this weekend the water will be over 70° which will mean the slide will go in the water.

    My 2.5 y.o. will be very happy :D

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    It just so happens your lawn here is only MOSTLY dead. :rolleyes:

    I have a lovely mix of crab grass, clover, dandelions, and dirt. Oh, with a few blades of grass in there as well.

    Planning on doing some big renovations next year for the lawn, but this year mostly doing around the house work.

    This photo is from about a month ago, we have had LOTS of rain, so it is greener and those scrubby plants in the front are now about twice the height and width, but it still is not pretty.

    Only been in the house for a year, focusing on the inside first.

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    Not to be rude, but, isn't it "our" house - your family's? You seem to take great pride in calling everything they worked for yours, FWIW. ;)

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