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Your new G5 setup...

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by OKComputer, Sep 20, 2003.

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    Im sure all of you are excited those of you that have them on the way that is. How are you gonna set it up? What external devices? speakers etc? list it here and post pics when they come :)

    Dual 2.0
    no superdrive
    no modem
    Radeon Pro graphics
    JBL creature speakers
    Dual Sony 19 inch Decor series trinitrons
    waacom tablet
    1gb of ram

    and his little buddies 30 gig ipod and 1ghz pb
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    I am not getting a G5 :( I'm stuck with my dual 867 (which is still ok I guess :p ).
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    Dual 2GHz G5
    8GB Ram
    2x250GB SATA
    Radeon 9800 PRO
    Logitech z-680 5.1 speakers
    2x23" Apple Studio Display
    Wacom2 Intuos Tablet - 9*12
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    I want a G5, that can wait for a bit. But hey does all Dualies have 2 small friends called PB and iPod?:rolleyes:
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    omg. Are you freakin serious???:eek: I wish I had that kind of money.:(
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    are you serious? That is like a $18.000 system! holy ****...
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    1.8 GHz Powermac G5
    Stock except:
    Radeon 9600 Pro
    1 Gig RAM

    Samsung 172T 17" LCD
    Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro
    Microsoft Wheelmouse optical (my Intellimouse Explorer died...)
    Creative I-Trigue 2.1 3300 Speakers
    40 Gig iPod

    Not bad for a switcher :)
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    2 x 23" Displays...

    HUMMM... are those 3 etxra inches really worth of that extra money when you can get 2 x 20" for half price (roughly)
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    Naah, only $13,214.95 + the tablet :)
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    I finally have my 1.8 G5:

    -1.8 GHz
    -2.5 GB ram (ordered 2 GB somewhere else)
    -Ati 9800 pro (the card's fan makes a lot of noise, be warned!)
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    Really? My 9800 Pro in my PC is very quiet.
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    Dual 2.0
    1.5 gigs of ram(crucial)
    TTX 19inch CRT monitor
    Radeon 9800pro
    SoundSticks and iSub
    all ready have 15 gig ipod,
    and am saving money for lots of games, and Logitech MX900 BT mouse and Z680 speakers.
    Plus i bought a snazzy new glass desk to go with it.

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    Yeah, it's not very loud, but if I stop the fan with my hand the g5 is quite silent, but with the ati fan running, it makes a wining noise. The ati's fan is louder than the rest of the g5.
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    Sold this:
    Dual 1.25G4 MDD Dual Boot
    2GB RAM
    120GB HD
    SuperDrive and CDBurner
    Airport Card

    For this:
    1.8GHz G5
    1.5GB RAM (For now, I plan on upgrading every month)
    Radeon 9800Pro
    Canopus ADVC-100

    From Previous G4 setup I still have:
    22" Cinema display
    Yamaha 5.1 Receiver and speakers (Now functional, YAY!)
    Panasonic NTSC Monitor
    Extra 17" Sony Monitor
    Griffin PowerMate
    Editing Keyboard
    Wacom Tablet

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    stock 1.8ghz G5 (will be upgrading ram shortly)
    20" Cinema
    17" NEC crt
    MS mouse

    iBook 500 combo 640
    30Gb iPod
    external 60Gb lacie d2
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    jbl speakers

    Hey guys
    I'm patiently waiting for my dual G5, and was contemplating which speakers to get with it. I saw these new jbl speakers in my school's bookstore that look pretty cool, but I'm not sure how they would sound at home turned up. They look like little white mushrooms with a big white mushroom-looking sub. Anyone know what I'm talking about or heard them?
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    yea, theyre called the JBL creature speakers. trust me. they give you great bang for the buck
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    I'm getting:
    1.8ghz chip
    1.5gb RAM (not from Apple--got it from Newegg.com)
    Radeon 9600
    Combo Drive
    160gb Hard Drive

    Going to connect it to my Samsung 191T LCD monitor. As I mentioned above, I have 1gb of RAM that I ordered from Newegg that I'm going to add to the 512mb Apple gives. I've also got an Airport Extreme card that I ordered separately which I'm going to throw in there. I've got an Adaptec DuoConnect USB/FireWire PCI expansion card that I'm going to add, to give me three more USB 2.0 ports and two more FireWire 400 ports. I've also got a Bluetooth dongle that I ordered from Apple a while ago to use with my last Mac. Can't wait!
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    combined thats 6 inches

    23 inch 1920 by 1200
    20 inch 1680 by 1050

    2 x 23" is 4608000 pixels ^2
    2 x 20" is 3528000 pixels ^2

    thats a difference of 1080000 pixels ^2
    that equates to 1200 by 900 pixels of extra space

    which is almost the total relestate of an extra 17" Studio Display at 1280 by 1024

    so price wise 2 x 23" is $3998
    2 x 20" + 17" is 3297 but you'de need to get another graphics card to support the 3rd display and your giving up a PCI slot, and your giving up more desktop space for a savings of maybe $300

    Besides, it's his purchase.

    don't ruin his fun, if i had the money i would do the same thing.
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    {picky} ^2 denotes "to the power of 2", not "multiplied by 2", which would be *2 or x2. {/picky}

    My set-up (arrived on Friday):

    •G5 1.6
    •No modem
    •Combo drive
    •1.25GB RAM
    •80GB HD
    •Radeon 9600 Pro
    •2x Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 93SB 19" CRT monitors- these match the colour of the G5 exactly with their front panels, and their tops have continuous drilled holes, like the G5's front
    •Logitech MX-500 mouse
    •Apple Design Stereo Speakers (c.1993)
    •120GB USB2 HD (bought when I only had a Rev.A iBook with no FireWire)
    •Minolta Scan Dual 3 USB2 film scanner
    •Canon CanoScan FB636U Flatbed Scanner
    •Epson Color Stylus 740
    •Oracom ORC-200 128MB MP3 Player
    •Fujifilm FinePix A201 2MP camera
    •Belkin 7-port USB Hub
    • Sony T610 phone, with HBH-60 bluetooth handsfree- pity Apple has no Audio-In via Bluetooth yet
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    i was denoting an area, it's ment to be read "pixels sqaured"

    just like cm^2 is read centimeters squared

    nice set up though, pro photowork?
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    Dual 2GHz PowerPC G5
    2GB DDR400 (PC3200) - 2x1GB
    160GB Serial ATA - 7200rpm
    Super Drive (DVD-R/CD-RW)
    ATI Radeon 9800 Pro
    56k V.92 Internal Modem
    BlueTooth Module
    Airport Extreme Card
    Apple Keyboard & Mouse
    Mac OS X
    Harman Kardon SoundStick
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    Dual 2GHz PowerPC G5
    2GB DDR400 (PC3200) - 2x1GB
    160GB Serial ATA - 7200rpm
    Super Drive (DVD-R/CD-RW)
    ATI Radeon 9800 Pro
    56k V.92 Internal Modem
    BlueTooth Module
    Airport Extreme Card
    Apple Keyboard & Mouse
    Mac OS X
    Harman Kardon SoundStick
    22 & 15 Apple Displays
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    A pixel is already an area, not a measurement of length.

    "3528000 pixels squared" is 12,446,784,000,000 pixels.

    Yes, amongst other things. Haven't yet tried it out with any heavy-duty work yet.

    The ATi Pixel Shader real-time demos play very well. I get the same frame rates while playing two of the demos (Tubes and Ocean) simultaneously as I get at work on my Dual G4 1.25 with Radeon 9000 playing one at a time (~27-31 fps).

    Have yet to play Unreal Tournament 2003... but will try the demo soon. I am awaiting Amazon delivery of Warcraft III- they have it for only 15GBP.

    As I am used to laptops (apart from at work, where I couldn't here anything over all the noise of other machinery), I am finding this G5 quite noisy.

    I have uploaded a little photo of part of my set-up:
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    you win

    but i think i got my point across as far as whether or not it is worth it to get the two 23" .... LOL

    i ask about the photo thing because i noticed that you got both a flatbed, and a film/tranperancy scanner

    nice pic of your accessories, but can't really see much of the entire setup, add one when it's all up and running.

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