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Your preferred browser?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Morrius, Aug 5, 2012.

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    What web browser do you prefer to use when surfing on your iPad? I'm especially interested in browsers with ad-blocking capabilities.
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    Atomic browser
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    No idea if Chrome does that. Would help to use a descriptive subject that includes that info instead of the generic subject that you currently have.
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    I still use iCab predominately, or Safari
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    I use chrome across the board - iPad, MBP and windows.
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    I switch between Safari and Chrome.
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    I use Chrome with some jailbreak tweaks...Nitrous for speed and something else to add pull to refresh.
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    This, I still find myself using Safari the majority of the time,m but Chrome is creeping it's way in!
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    iCab now. Long time Atomic user but the app isn't properly supported.
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    Safari :)
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    I'm fine with Safari. No need for different browser.
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    safari here.

    it works fine enough
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    Safari, I don't see the point in getting any other browser.
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    Using the nitrous jailbreak tweak, I have gotten chrome to outperform safari by a small amount on the sunspider 9.1 test.

    Chrome was roughly 1,700ms and safari was 1,900

    Without nitrous, safari is by far the preferred browser, as chrome is around 12,000ms.

    As far as features, icab blows away the competiton.
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    Safari. Mainly because I can't change the default browser, so links will open in Safari anyway.
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    iCab + Safari
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    My main browser on my mac is chrome, although with ML I have started using Safari more. I did want to use Chrome on my iPad, but it crashes all the time, although lately it seems to be stable.

    Depnding on how iOS6 and iPhone 5 will be I might make safari my standard browser, if it doesn't, Chrome will probaly become my main browser down the road. As I can use it to sync with my PC and Galaxy Note.
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    Safari. Everything else is just not up to snuff in terms of performance and overall smoothness. I have used Chome, iCab, Atomic, Perfect, 360, etc.
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    Safari for me. I still have Atomic and Chrome on my iPhone :apple:
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    Safari and dolphin
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    im using safari + chrome.

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