Your reaction to the new JAVOedge Axis Case?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by mike95060, Jul 12, 2010.

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    Good find - I think it looks really good. Let us know how you like it.

    I had the macally bookstand (whatever it's called) but it's too flimsy; this looks like a good replacement.
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    This looks very interesting, could end up being a very nice case.
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    I like the look of that - not so keen on the the leather fastening tab but overall really nice. I think the ability to rest portrait can only be a good thing but am still waiting on my ipad to arrive this week so cant fully comment.
  5. Jsn
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    I'm pretty intrigued by this one. I think it's a good example of the second wave of iPad cases. Looks to have a high degree of functionality without too much thickness. The swivel feature on the stand looks nice, but we'll need some hands-on reviews to see if the mechanism (swivel joint?) stands up to the test of time.
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    I just ordered mine so I'll give some impressions when I get it. anybody else using one of these cases?
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    I ordered mine last night and it shipped today. Maybe I will get it before the weekend so I can post a mini review here.
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    Great! Thanks to both of you. My iPad is supposed to arrive on Monday.
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    This looks awesome! I was waiting for the quirky cloak but now that i see this it seems like there is another good option. Does anyone know of any other cases like these that are slim but have a horizontal and vertical built in stand? How are they?
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    Awesome! This case looks great. I Ordered an iSkin Vu, but it doesnt have a stand. I was hoping you could comment on if you think this could be used with a thin silicone case. The combination would be great.
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    Looks like it will be the first of next week before it arrives. It shipped First Class mail from Washington state and I live in Georgia. Looking at how the ipad snaps into the case, I doubt any skins or silicone cases will work with it.
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    Pretty darn ugly me thinks!
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    Looks to me like the ipad does not lock into any of the multiple stand positions and might fall over.
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    Just received mine. Initial impression is not good.

    The rubber stoppers that hold the ipad in the different angled positions are fairly thick and with the case closed they rest right on top of the screen. This is a concern for me.

    With the case open the magnetic clasp that keeps the case closed just dangles in the way, there is no way or where to keep it out of the way.

    I can't even put into words right now all the problems I have with it, so here are some pictures so you can judge for yourself.










    I guess I will have to try it out for a while to see if it grows on me.
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    Thanks sparkstsa for sharing. How well does the iPad fit in the case, meaning will it easily pop out? From the video it looks like there are only 4 corners holding the iPad in the case
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    Thanks for sharing.

    I'm going to have to pass on yet another case. Those rubber bumpers kill it. They are ugly, add too much bulk and look like they could increase the odds of cracking the screen.
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    Sorry, that case looks like a train wreck. I can't imagine it would hold up to typing in the lowest position. Looks very mushy.
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    It fits in the case well and will not come out without a little force. The whole back of the case is a plastic shell that the iPad sits in. It's held by more than the corners as you can see in the photos. If I had paid $20 or less, I would probably not complain but $35 is too much for this case. The quality just isn't there compared to other cases. I figured as much when I received it. It was packaged in a clear plastic bag and mailed in a padded envelope.
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    well I got mine a few weeks ago and overall I'm pretty happy with it.
    the gap from the rubber stoppers certainly leaves a bit to be desired...
    but I rarely use the ipad out of the house so I'm not too worried about the extra pressure on the screen or anything.
    while the plastic backing looked like it was roughly dremeled to shape, it was probably on purpose to hold the ipad in there quite snug.
    I'm probably being paranoid by adding a microfiber cloth to the rubber bumpers, but it doesn't seem to effect the stand function at all so why not...
    I could see how the magnetic latch might be a problem, but I just bend mine back good and hard and it hasn't bothered me at all.

    overall, it may not be the 1 case to rule them all, but for my needs it's pretty sweet. here are a few pics I took before work.

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    I like it.

    I already own four cases and this one became my favorite right after I received it last week. It's not too heavy and you can easily set up the easel in both horizontal and vertical positions. I had no problem typing in the lower positions and it seemed quite sturdy with no danger of collapse. I don't find the three "bumpers" to be an obstacle. If anything they add extra space and padding (protection) between the case and the iPad glass. From the feel of the surface of the bumpers, I don't think they'll mar the screen but, since I take along a microfiber cloth anyway, I just put it on the glass when I shut the case. The magnetic tab doesn't bother me because, even if it does hang over a bit, it only covers part of the black border and does not infringe on the view of the screen itself.

    Just my humble opinion, but I really like the case. As the French say, "Chacun a son gout."
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    I Also Like It

    My Charcoal JAVOedge Axis Case came yesterday and I am very pleased. This is my first case.

    I actually agree with most of the comments, including people’s reservations -- except I think the quality is fine and it looks much better than I was expecting from some of the photos.

    Being able to change from landscape to portrait mode is essential to me, but I was concerned that the case would be unstable, flimsy and gimmicky. Actually I like that it is nicely flexible, rather than rigid, and that it has a relaxed ease in use on a table and in my lap. I find it well-designed, lightweight, protective, and comfortable to use.

    I will post any negatives if I find them.
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