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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by unregbaron, Apr 19, 2004.

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    I have a G3 400 mhz Powerbook so today's PB upgrade would make a v.nice improvement to my workflow... however I'm kind of perversely teasing myself to wait for the G5 just to make the 'wow' bigger when I finally upgrade.

    Anyone have any stories with leaps in hardware? - differences to your life/work?
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    I went from a iMac (CTR) 400 MHz G3,128 MB,DVD ROM, 10GB

    To an iMac (FPD) 1 GHz,256,combo, 80GB

    Was a pretty big leap for me. :)
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    Mr. Anderson

    I'm holding out for the Rev B. PowerMacs - and that will be a huge leap for me - Original 450MHz G4 Sawtooth to Dual 2+ GHz G5 - that would be more than an order of magnitude faster in processing power :D

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    To be honest, i've gone from a G3 800mhz iBook to a 1.25Ghz PBook and now to a 1Ghz eMac, can't say i've noticed a difference except once when i played Warcraft 3 on the iBook and then on the PBook. But that was the Gcard.
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    I'm on a 400MHz G3 iMac... gotta wait for those 1.6 Rev. B PowerBook G5s ;)
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    200 Mhz IBM to a 1gig powerbook with superdrive.
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    in a 3 week span last november I went from G3/350 cpu to G4/500, from 256mb ram to 512mb, from 6gb hd to 120gb. since the new year I have also bought a new professional series crt and an ata/133 card.

    system is over twice the speed it was and I now have a much better screen to stare into.
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    Performa 638 to Blue and White G3:

    40 to 350 Mhz Processor Jump.
    300 to 8000 MB Harddrive.
    32 to 512 MB Ram.

    B&W G3 to Dual G5:

    350 Mhz to 4000 Mhz (2000 x 2).
    8 GB to over 500 GB.
    512 MB to 1.5 GB.

    Looks like my next machine will be 40,000 Mhz, with a 5 tetrabyte harddrive, and 4 - 16 GB of Ram.
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    A woman I work with had her vintage PB 1400c go down last week...she took it in to get fixed and the Apple retailer couldn't believe the relic...

    so she just got an iBook G4 with 933MHZ... OS 10.3.3 (pre today's update but don't think she's concerned!)

    needless to say she has asked me a NUMBER of questions!! :)
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    about to replace my Dual 450 G4 with a 1.25 GHz iMac (unless new ones come out Tuesday). not a huge leap in hardware (Xbench reports the average 1.25 GHz is just under twice as fast as my dual), but i really really really like the iMac and I don't need the power of a G5. going for the 20" badboy model.

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