Your Top Three Most Played Songs of 2009 (post a pic)

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Prof., Dec 23, 2009.

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    What are the three songs that you listened to the most during 2009 and how many times have you listened to those songs? Post a pic.


    Reset your play count for 2010 on January 1st!
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    I'll play!

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    You can tell what was played only in 2009? :confused:
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    I don't think iTunes has that as an option, but in all likelyhood if it is a most played song then it probably was during this year.:)
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    Well I reset my play count every January 1st so yes... :D
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    Still don't really get it, but I guess I can assume it means top three of all time, then.


    Only had this eMac for about 6 months, explaining the fairly low play counts. you should have seen the play counts on my old PC which I had for 6 years...:D
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    Maybe a better question to ask is:

    "Most played song you bought this year....", this way you actually get to answer your current question to more accuracy.
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    1. Make sure the "Date Added" column is visible in the main song list. This should allow you to see when each song was added to your iTunes library.

    2. Create a new playlist. Name it "2009" or something.

    3. Sort the songs in your iTunes library by "Date Added". Highlight all the songs that were added in 2009, and drag them to your new playlist, "2009"

    4. Make sure the "Play Count" column is visible so that you can sort by play count.

    5. In your "2009" playlist, sort your songs by Play Count.

    And that's why I'm so awesome.
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    I'll play.
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    I just viewed my top tracks in the last 12months on

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    To be fair, my number one play "song" is actually and iTunes radio station...Got Radio - "Piano Perfect". It's my study music channel :) Numbers are low too, because I listen to a lot of Pandora. I have Pandora Jam, the desktop Pandora player.

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    mirrors truth is an awesome song
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    I've had the same iTunes account since 2003, so I don't think that's a very valid assumption... there are songs I listened to some 100 times in 2004 that I listen to maybe once every three months now. :p

    I'm guessing I've listened to Love Story and You Belong With Me a sad number of times this year, however. :eek:
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    Or you could just make a smart playlist with the following parameters:
    Date Added is after 12/31/2008
    Date Added is before 01/01/2010.

    Here are mine:
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    According to it is...

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    Here's mine

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    Also, these are the top 3 played songs of all time on my iTunes....since I just got this computer in ~June.

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    Wow! you guys listen to a lot of music!
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    It is indeed. But it's pretty much the only track I like off of that album. Old stuff was better. :p
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    Hmm, I listen to albums, not songs, so my top 2009 play count ends up being several songs from the same album(s) in a row. Naturally, my most listened to albums are those that were released early in the year, so the results are quite meaningless.

    However, my top albums of 2009 can be found here:
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    Except that isn't an algorithm for the most played songs of 2009, it's one for most played song added in 2009. There's a high chance that I have listened to a song I added two years ago the most this year.
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    Glad to see "Roses" made the list. What a hilarious song!
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