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    May 8, 2009
    Hey guys, I've been a longtime user of YouSendIt, which for me is a must have. I'm in video, and the ability to exchange large files quickly is fantastic. I recently signed up for MobileMe, hoping it could do this and more, but have been a little dissapointed. It seems to really focus on the "more" part, which, of course, is its primary modus operandi - the whole syncing thing.

    My question then is, why is iDisk so weak? I'm mostly talking about two features, are these upgraded after my trial period? Can I pay to get these:

    First, the ability to upload files from the desktop. Does MobileMe have any way to upload files without logging into the web application? i.e. a control click, desktop plug-in? Anyone know of any? Are there any for PCs?

    Second, what's with the 1 gb file size limit? Is there a way to upgrade this?

    I want to see more work done with the "Share File" command. If iDisk was stronger, I would be totally sold, and not mind the price AT ALL.

    Thanks everyone.

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