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YouTube for iOS Updated With Live Streaming and More

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Apr 15, 2013.

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    Google today updated its YouTube app for iOS with a number of new features, including quick access to new uploads and support for viewing live streaming events.
    A stock YouTube application had been included on iOS devices since the launch of the original iPhone in 2007, but with the debut of iOS 6 last year that application was discontinued. Google rolled out its own native YouTube app for iOS last September just ahead of the iOS 6 launch and has updated it several times since that debut.

    YouTube is a universal app and can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: YouTube for iOS Updated With Live Streaming and More
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    I'd like to see top comments and be able to reply to comments, how difficult is that!
    I already didn't like that "what to watch" is the first thing I see when I go to YouTube, now they added it to the YouTube app too :( I think "My subscription" is more important here.
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    Still wont touch it till it stops automatically giving me eye cancer because I'm on a 3G network. Instead of giving the choice to stream in HQ.
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    Try Jasmine. It's good, and way better with matching your quality to your speed.
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    Way ahead of you. Been using it for months :) awesome app.
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    OS X Dude

    I think it's a great app, and much much better than the previous stock app. As another poster said, I'd like to be able to reply to comments, but other than that I'm not left wanting for extra features.
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    Can we play audio in the background with it yet?
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    This is nice, I have wanted to watch some live events on youtube, and were unable to. Now, if I can just hope the Sprint 3G network to help me out a little bit too... ;-)
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    Does that answer your question?
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    Anonymous Freak

    Strange - I successfully watched a live-stream on YouTube on my iPhone on Saturday... It wouldn't AirPlay, though. (And YouTube on the AppleTV won't do live-streams, either.)
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    umm would have been great for Coachella BEFORE the event was on :D
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    So still no backgrounding or ability to turn HQ off?

    Not all of us are on super speeds and can just hit play and the HQ video just goes. need to pause and let a buffer build and backgrounding would be nice
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    I love it when an app that I use a lot recieves an update.

    I wish the launch page of the YouTube app was my subscriptions instead of "what to watch". I'm more interested in watching new videos by my subscribers before browsing the rest of YouTube.

    They have it that way on the desktop site and it annoys me a lot.

    No big deal though, can live with it :)
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    Anyone else having this problem.

    When watching new videos on subscribed channels, after pulling down to refresh its showing new videos although they have already been viewed ?
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    the protube youtube app mops the floor with the official youtube app
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    Too bad they still can't get streaming working over WiFi without constant buffering when the same video plays perfectly over 3G (and of course over LTE). WTF.
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    Think that's an iOS glitch personally
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    What specific about iOS though? The other youtube clients (like Jasmine) work fine on WiFi and LTE. Bizarre.
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    I HATE the youtube "app", it NEVER plays high quality for me on LTE.

    I just browse youtube on safari and watch through that, always HQ, even on LTE.
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    Really want to try the feature of TV video queuing. But I haven't tested if it works well.
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    The only thing I want them to add is the ability to reply to people's comment and ill be happy!
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    It has Better Design, Hidden Slider Menu, Fast and Smooth, Improved Video Pages, Better Sharing Options and Better Search.

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