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Youtube mobile site

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by josiahsill, Aug 21, 2013.

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    I'm on an iphone 5 16gb AT&T iOS7 beta 6...am I the only one who can't get to youtube's mobile site. This is all I get.

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    Theres no point going to it anyway. they updated it now and the buttons are small and you now cant get to your inbox from any mobile device
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    I know it's not ideal but you can always type in m.youtube.com/#/inbox and you can access your inbox, what I did was make a bookmark of that page named "YTInbox" so I can check mine easily.

    and to answer the OPs question, m.youtube.com works normal on my iPhone 5 and iPad 3 running iOS 7 B6. maybe check your safari settings, wipe your cache and cookies and stuff.
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    I use it in a video downloading app and the My Subscriptions page for the home page, i dont think ill wanna go to a different site probably the desktop version will do something
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    It's much better to use the app anyways. Trust me, what the mobile site has, the app has. Nothing is different video-wise.
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    I completely understand that the app is better but I was just curious as to why I couldn't access the site. I cleared everything (cookies,cache,history) in Safari and still nothing. It is however only isolated to safari. Chrome and Mercury (haven't tried others) work just fine. #
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    So you can select high quality video in the app like you can (or at least could) on the mobile site?
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    While this is true, if you have a jailbreak going on, and have downloaded 3G Unrestrictor, I can choose my quality settings.
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    Ah so you'd need something else which quite a few don't have (and many who might even want to have can't because of the version of the OS they are using).

    So there is a difference (and not really a small/inconsequential for most) after all.
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    A small yet (too many under a cap) irrelevant feature.
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    Perhaps not as small given that it's often one of the first things people talk about whenever there is a YouTube app update.

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