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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by RogueAngelGirl, Apr 17, 2008.

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    What would be the best software to use if I want to make fanvideos for youtube and would I need any other software - to get the movies onto my computer, etc.
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    I assume you have a Mac. I would go with Final Cut Express 4 and not mess with any other type of cheap software. If it's too much money for you then buy an older version 3.5 for about $60 bucks on eBay then when you've reached the full potential of Express, then transitioning to Final Cut Studio will be easier and familiar.
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    Much Ado

    But, frankly, iMovie could do basic videos very easily too. Depends on your needs.

    Steady on, now. One thing at a time ;)
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    Yes, iMovie will work, but I've had clients who worked on iMovie then I bring them into the world of Final Cut and all they do is point the things that you can do that can't do in iMovie. Plus, you'll be able to be more creative with FCE.
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    I have iMovie and FCE although I have never used FCE because I thought iMovie was more simple. But it is a bit limiting so maybe I'll play with FCE.

    How much more confusing is FC over FCE? Calculus versus algebra?
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    iMovie is very simple, but it becomes really limiting on larger projects where you have more than say, an hour's worth of footage on a timeline.

    The interfaces between FCE and FCP are very similar; FCP is just a more comprehensive package with more software (Motion, Soundtrack Pro, Color, Compressor, DVD Studio Pro, etc.).
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    Thanks for the help but unfortunately I don't have a mac at home. I thought I did but I actually have an HP. Would the same program work on that? If not do you know of any that would work on it?:confused:
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    No, iMovie is Apple-only software that comes as part of the iLife package that ships with every Mac. There are several NLE applications on the Windows platform, though. To name a few:

    Adobe Premiere
    Avid Media Composer
    Canopus EDIUS
    Pinnacle Studio
    Windows Movie Maker (a basic editor that ships with the Windows OS)

    Windows Movie Maker very easy to learn, much like iMovie. It doesn't have the same level of polish and integration that you get with the iLife suite of applications, though. Pinnacle Studio is what I would consider a step-up NLE, with the rest on this list being professional-level applications that have far steeper learning curves.
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    +1 on Pinnacle Studio

    When I was on PC I used that and loved it. Never saw Windows Movie Maker as I don't believe it was out when I was on PC's. Even if it was I would have used Pinnacle Studio. Now we are playing with video on the Mac, so until I can get FCE loaded up we are playing with iMovie.
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    Windows Movie Maker is absolutely terrible. It's definitely worth buying something useful. Adobe Premiere is pretty good for basic movie editing, about the same as Pinnacle.

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