YouTube..."This account cannot be used on Apple TV"

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Staples57, Aug 6, 2013.

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    After updating my Apple TV (Gen 2) to OS 5.3, I'm unable to login to YouTube with My Google ID.
    The message I get is... "This account cannot be used on Apple TV"

    Yes, I have gone through the process of creating an application password, however, it does not allow me to login to YouTube through the Apple TV.
    I continue to get the same error message... "This account cannot be used on Apple TV"

    I am able to login on my PC without any issues.

    I have created another Google login and followed the instructions found on the web to "solve" this problem, but unfortunately nothing has worked.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or guidance?

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    Log in?

    Certainly U don't want to sign-in just to watch videos! You don't need a user name and password YET. If this is just to make comments that the author will never read...just pass on it.
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    For me, I have to sign in to youtube due to the fact that I have lots of subscriptions that update that I like to watch.

    So, there are reasons to sign in, and not want to if you can't.
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    I'm trying to access my SUBSCRIPTIONS.
    ...I hate using the search feature!
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    I have no idea of the actual cause.

    Only thing I can think of is maybe it's related to how many channels you're subscribed to?
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    I've only subscribed to about 10 channels.
    ...I can't see that being the issue

    In any case, I've created a new Google / YouTube account (with no subscriptions) and got the same message.

    I'm starting to think that YouTube is restricting access and not permitting the YouTube Apple TV app from logging in?

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    Are you non-US or is your YouTube non-US?
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    Just wondering, can you watch this with ur iphone/ipad?

    because i remember i was trying to find certain youtube videos, but they were not available - simply because the video (of interest) were configured to show on computers only
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    For what it's worth, I had a similar experience.

    This was down to my YouTube account having migrated from old, original YouTube to a Google account.

    Instead of my old YouTube username / password I now have to sign in with / password.

    On my Apple TV, signing out of YouTube then signing in with the new details fixed it.
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    Thanks for the suggestion, I've tried that also.

    I'm starting to think that YouTube is restricting access and not permitting the YouTube Apple TV app from logging in?


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    I'm logged in on mine and I have had a YouTube account for a decade now
    Just log in with your gmail info and it should work
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    I had a little trouble setting up my account (due to 2 step verification) but it did work eventually with the app specific password. Not sure what your issue might be but I will say that the app seems fairly crap so it might not be worth getting too caught up with it. I couldn't find a way to view a list of new subscription videos and was reduced to checking each channel individually. Which kinda sucks when you have 50 of them. Instead of the Youtube app I just use PlexConnect to use the Plex Youtube app.
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    Interesting! didn't know you could configure youtube videos that way.

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