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You've got to be kidding me. (American Idol winner)

Discussion in 'Community' started by beez7777, May 21, 2003.

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    This is ridiculous. I can not believe that Ruben won American Idol. Clay was so much better. ruben can't sing for his life. Clay's rendition of Bridge Over Troubled Water should have alone won the competition. I for one am not watching American Idol 3, at least not until i get over this. Ok, ok, i know it's just a tv show, but still. I think that there's a little reverse discrimination going on here. I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but honestly, if Ruben was skinny and white, I don't think he would have won. No, I am not at all racist, but give me a break. Yeah, Ruben looks "cute," but the point is to make an album. You can't see his face over the radio. I'm in shock.
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    I'm so ashamed.

    I'm so ashamed (no offense, Beez! :D) that I even know what you're talking about. (Unfortunately, my girlfriend watches the show, so I'm in the loop about this.) Darn this talent shows! Darn them!!! :D
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    I agree. But neither Clay nor Ruben should have won. They didn't have star quality. They could sing pretty well, but so could kimberly Caldwell had a great voice, great looks, and star quality. She would actually fit in at hollywood, and on the red carpet. And if not her, then someone like Trenyce. Ughhhhh Ruben shoudln't have won.
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    Why do people actually care?

    Not a flame, just curious..
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    Maybe it's Fox's strategy to win more viewers for the next seoson and not to lose some viewers. Last time a woman won and she was white. This time it's a mac that's african american...I know this show is fixed along with all the other shows. Maybe not at the start but at the end...Anyhow I don't really care....
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    I did not make that inference but that is a good point.

    In my humble opinion FOX is going too far with these shows, they arte going to have something where people vote to see who lives, dies.


    Everyone should read the book "24/7" by Jim Brown. It is an excellent book, a very entertaining one at that, about a network like Fox, that puts people in a survivor like atmosphere. Lots of people, do activities together, compete for a prize, do all of that on some abandoned island in the tropics. the group is then "exposed" to a virus, a life threatening one that requires an antidote. Here is the catch, every morning the people of america must vote for who they like the most on the show, the people who receive the most votes are able to get access to the antidote; those that don't simply disintegrate after the time when they need the antidote. Now imagine what can happen...

    This is a very good book that is incredibly entertaining, a great weekend in the comfy chair book. I recommend it to all.

    and once again that was Jim Brown's 24/7

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    i'm happy to see that ruben won

    i'll say it again... clay may have had a more broad voice, but he was far too fake... i saw the footage of him from early on, and he looked so much cooler and real. whereas ruben just looks awesome and he's real.

    and you can't say that ruben has no talent. that's just a joke

    i wouldn't say clay doesn't have talent even though he's gross... heck, i might even say he should've won. but i'm glad he didn't.
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    You really need to name your threads better. I was going to watch the show and find out (3 hour time difference). :rolleyes:
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    as a musician, i have to go with Ruben. he makes me actually enjoy listening to the crappy arrangements that they have to sing to.

    funny that i was going to be bummed if Clay won because he's better looking and not morbidly obese.

    it's funny that anyone thinks that Ruben had an image advantage over anyone.

    i think he was just on a much higher artistic level than any of the other competitors.

    as a side note, i also was bummed when the girl with the crazy red hair got kicked off. she was much better than a lot of the generic people that made it further.

    all of this said, the show is a bunch of crap and i am probably not the target audience, seeing as how i'm over the age of 13 and male.
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    I think that Clay should have one too. They said that Clay's album and Ruben's album are going to come out at the same time, so it will be interesting to see who's album will sell faster.
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    I only watched the first few episodes when they show the open audicians. Some of them are very funny. I thought the kid who sang Like A Virgin should have gone all the way.

    My problem with the thing, and why I'll never watch once it becomes serious, is that I can't stand the sort of music that they promote. Sure, it is vanilla and otherwise inoffensive, but come on...

    I wish they'd vary from the theme and have some actual bands on there (not "Boy Bands," but people playing instruments while they sing). It doesn't even have to be one particular type of music. Bring out some thrash metal, alt-garage, hip-hop, whatever. Just require them to make their own music as well as sing. It might still suck, but it might be alright, too.
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    Clay is Gay, and Ruben is a sandwich. Think about it.

    (I have nothing against gay people, or sandwiches. I was just showing how their names represent their character. Jethroted and his subsidiary's take no responsibility for the actions of gay people or sandwiches. All sandwiches, and gay people portaid in this post are fictitious, and any similarity to sandwiches or gay people in real life is coincidental. Jethroted is not gay, or a sandwich. Not that there is anything wrong with that.)
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    Honestly, who cares?

    This is another example of how reality television is NOT reality. In reality neither of these two would be the winner. Lets face it, out of the two, Ruben is more marketable. Hip-Hop/R&B is the new Rock & Roll and Ruben fits right in it. Clay just doesn't have it. Maybe a decade ago he would, but not now. Get over it and watch shows with substance so the networks don't keep regurgitating this crap every season.
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    Normally i hate prime time tv, especially "reality" shows. honestly i think the only things on tv worth watching are south park, the daily show, and the simpsons are good too. Yeah, there are other shows, but most tv is pretty bad. i don't know why i watch american idol, or why i care who wins.
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    I understand your dislke for "reality" tv, because it's everywhere now. However, about Ruben winning AI, remember that it's the american population who voted for him. If you saw it from start to finish, you'd take into account that each person was strained through diff genres of music, and apparently the people believed that Ruben perfomed the best. If the competition was strictly about image, then neither Clay or Ruben may have made it as far as they did.
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    the drudge report was a good read. i have a feeling that they have been doing funny little phone capping tricks the past few weeks. no one could get through anymore. i think clay should have won...he was winning in all the online polls, he had the most visible support all over the web, and his voice is just better. i love to watch ruben, but clay has got it.

    i have been reading and hearing about how they may have been capping calls at a certain rate per minute in order to keep the votes close. then it would only really come down to the last few seconds of the vote. that would be the ONLY way someone could win by a mere 1300 someodd votes, because that margin is absolutely preposterous. think about it:

    clay is getting 90000 calls a minute
    ruben is getting 75000 calls a minute
    both are capped at 50000 votes a minute, which explains why no one can get thru, esp to clay's line.
    whoever gets the last couple of calls can win. is it fair?? not in my eyes, since clay was gipped of a margin of 15000 votes per minute.

    that is the scenario that has been floating around lately.
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    The way that Clay character looked creeped me out so much, yet his tone of voice managed to make him all the creepier. I'm not sure what this means. Perhaps it means that me, being the large fan of creepy things that I am, wanted Clay to win. Or perhaps because Clay's variation of creepiness was more uncomfortable and off-putting rather than wicked and cool (An example of someone with wicked, cool creepiness would be the great Christopher Lee), I desperately hoped that he'd lose and I'd never have to see his stupid face again. Regardless, I only watched about 15 minutes of one episode of this show about four weeks ago, and that's all I've seen of "American Idol". Seeing as there's no chance in Hell I'd buy any album associated with a television talent show, offhand, I'd say I don't at all give a crap.

    ...or do I?

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    This show is stupid enough. I can't believe that they had to take it to the next level by essentially rigging it. Puke city all the way. I fu#*ing hate this show and all other "reality" (yeah, who's reality?) TV shows. Arn, you should ban all topical discussion about them.
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    my two cents:

    clay should have won. they both had talent, but voices for different types of music. i like rueben.

    the reason i say clay should have won is this: the full title of the show is "american idol, search for a pop star" Rueben is NOT a pop star. hes too big to dance, no teenage girls are going to "want him," and his voice will not work well for faster beat songs, which are necessary for a "pop star"

    rueben would be an ok R&B star, but he is no pop star
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    While we're at it, let's ban sports and news shows, too. You don't get much more real than that. :rolleyes:

    As the saying goes, "if you don't like it, don't post it".
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    Sun Baked

    I don't know... But I'll reply anyway.

    It's the only way some people can have a "real" life, by living vicariously through the personalities on television.

    Sort of sad that people spend sooo much time worrying about it.

    Of course if they didn't, they'd have nothing to talk about. :rolleyes:
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    Are you suggesting that teenage girls would want Clay? Barf-o-rama...

    Neither Clay or Ruben are attractive in any way shape or form.

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    I was hoping the "Like A Virgin" guy would come back as a celebrity judge. :D

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