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iPad mini Zagg Invisible Shield for iPad Mini?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Marcellus, Dec 22, 2012.

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    Does anyone have a Zagg invisible shield for their iPad Mini, or some other protective shield like that? Do you really think one is necessary if you have a good protective case that covers the front and back? Thank you.
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    If it's in a case, a shield isn't necessary. If it's naked, then that may warrant a shield. Mine has a back cover and a Smart Cover but that's it.
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    Don't get the zagg

    I had it on my ipad 2 & 3 , had to replace the shield 3 times from peeling & turning a different color

    Get ghost armor , I have it on the mini & iPhone 5 , no problems

    Find a kiosk near you , they'll apply it for you
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    Can you give a quick review of the Ghost Armor for the Mini? How much was it?
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    OK, thanks for the replies. They were very helpful. :)
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    I on the other hand, like zagg. My iPad 2 invisible shield did discolour, but they have a lifetime warranty, so replacement was cheap. I put the HD shield on my mini, and had it on my iPad 2. No discolouration problems.
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    The HD shield is the first shield they have made that is even comparable to other choices (i.e Phantomskinz, BSE, Ghost Armor, etc.), but is still over priced.

    Also, I don't know why people keep using the "lifetime warranty" as a reason they go Zagg. MANY of the other guys do the same lifetime warranty in addition to making a better product and selling it for cheaper.

    Lets be honest... The reason people buy Zagg is because of their retail presence in Best Buy and other stores. It is probably unlikely that most people even know of Phantomskinz or Ghost Armor (for example), unless they visit boards like these or happen to stumble upon one of the very few kiosks in some malls.
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    I think that you are right about that. I never heard of Ghost Armor until today, and the closest kiosk is about 40 minutes away. Best Buy is much closer but they no longer sell Ghost Armor products, per the GA website. Does anyone know if Ghost Armor can be purchased in a store, other than their kiosk locations?
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    $50 full body with install

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