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Zagg Leather Skins Alligator for iPad Review with PICS!

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by BenFL, Dec 7, 2010.

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    I just received my alligator leather skin from UPS and decided that since I could not find a good review, with pictures, that I would make one.

    I have been using the Apple case for a while and decided to mix it up a little.

    Step one: Clean.


    After removing the apple case, I took a little bit of alcohol on a clean cloth and wiped down the back of the iPad. I also, as added precaution, washed my hands before hand just incase.

    Step 2: Line up.
    I took a minute to get the Skin lined up on the back of the iPad, trying my best to center it.

    Step 3: Remove sticker "1".


    Having it lined up as best I could get it. I firmly held down one end, lifted and removed the plastic strip in the middle of the skin, then slowly placed the skin on the back of the iPad. Starting in the middle and working my way out to be sure it stuck on properly.

    Step 4: Remove stickers "2" and "3".
    Then I lifted one side and removed the plastic, slowly laying it back down, working from the center to the sides so there weren't any bubbles of any type.

    Step 5: Enjoy!




    Overall I like it. As you can see from the pictures it looks like it is just a hair too small.

    Thanks for looking.

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    Thank you for taking your time to do a review, but that just looks god awful!
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    The Alligator is a little much for me, but I have the tan one and it's great.
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    To each his own, I think it's cool looking.
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    Yeah, I like it too. But I love incorporating more wood and leather into current Apple gear. Gives in a little more life and a more human feel. Aluminum and glass all the time is a little too sterile for me.

    How is the product and the texture? Does it feel luxurious and soft? The fact that it is just a sticker worries me a bit...
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    I am still enjoying my skin now several weeks later. It is still in place with none of the corners lifting off like I thought might happen from sliding it in and out of my leather folio.

    Mactagonist- it feels nice, but I would not say luxurious and soft, as the texture is hard from being made to look like alligator skin. I imagine just a plain leather skin would feel that way.
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    Your pictures cast waaaaaaaaaaaaay more red in the leather than is actually the case.

    Its brown, and looks really good.

    The ostrich also looks really good.

    I would not buy these leathers unless you have a 50% off coupon as they are not worth $55.
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    These skins are quite popular. SGP also makes a skin for the iPad to that I like. These (yours pictured) I think add a bit more class to the skin with its aligator look.

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