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Zelda:TP has just been reviewed by Gamespy

Discussion in 'Games' started by Archmagination, Nov 13, 2006.

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    Zelda:TP Review

    Called it fantastic!! I can't wait to play it.. I also can't wait to download Zelda:OoT on VC(When it is released) since I was never able to play it on the N64 or Gamecube.
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    Awesome. I want it.
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    Here is a much better, more complete review. One from a veteran Zelda master who has actually completed the game.:p

    Anyway, the conclusion is similar in both: One ****ing amazing game we have coming our way.:D

    And the review is spoiler free, in case you're wondering.
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    I don't think I'll be more excited for the birth of my first child than this game! :D :D :D :D :D
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    Can't say I blame you--waking up to cries in the middle of the night, changing dirty diapers, and the added expense of having a child can't be that much fun... With this game you buy it and then forget whatever it is that's screaming in the background and just have fun.
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    This game will be be the reason i want a Wii. It will be my first title I pick up. I am going to wait until after the first of the year to pick up my Wii though. I can't wait to play this game :D Zelda OoT was the bomb digity and was the reason i got my N64 :D

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