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Zenus Case For iPad?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by kevinhirsh, Jun 14, 2010.

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    Hi everyone,

    Just came across this case on youtube. I think it looks to be really functional while keeping a thin profile. Not sure on where to purchase it but I am definitely interested. What do you think?


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    looks awesome, i havent found anything about it on the web though :/
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    looks gr8 (Y)
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    Click the link to their YouTube account. There is a link there to their home website. Which unfortunately is all in Korean. When I click the english button, I get a link to something else, and no site.

    Seems the only way I saw Zenus products was on Amazon, and that was for IPhones.
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    That looks really nice but I think I'd wait and see some reviews and maybe a local dealer.
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    ok i'm dumb .. and the second case looks even better, lets hope it will end up on ebay
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    The site is in Korean. Better than from China perhaps?
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    Embarrassing - I'm in the language industry and only looked at the characters briefly. I should have known better - sorry!!

    Let's just say that for me - I would prefer to deal with a US seller, if nothing else because I'm too impatient to wait the 4-6 weeks it might take to get a new case!!

    Of course, now I'm starting to look at the Vaja Leather agenda again, but for that quality, and the fact that I've owned one of their products before, I think it's worth it.
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    Yes, the Vaja Leather agenda looks great, someone just posted pics of theirs. However, the price went up to $280 with a 60 day wait!
  11. emreturkeli, Nov 10, 2010
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    in the reviews it's said that there lots of magnets on the case... so do you think that it will effect the compass, or the GPS, or any system working with signals and magnetic field?

    or the calibration process (turning the ipad by drawing an 8 figure) will eliminate all the interferance and it will work ok?

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