ZeptoLab Releases 'Cut The Rope: Time Travel'

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    ZeptoLab has released the latest version of its bestselling Cut the Rope series of games, Cut The Rope: Time Travel, that it previewed last week.

    In the game, which again features the candy eating monster Om Nom, players travel back in time to fill Om Nom's ancestors with candy, using time travel and other new physics. Additionally, users will have two monsters to feed.
    Cut the Rope: Time Travel is available for $0.99 on iPhone and $2.99 on iPad. [Direct Link: iPhone, iPad]

    Article Link: ZeptoLab Releases 'Cut The Rope: Time Travel'
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    Funny thing about games with cute sound effects: they make it more fun for you to play, but they drive anyone else in the vicinity batty!
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    It was hard with a candy now 2! :eek: challenge accepted!
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    Yeah, it always annoys me when people don't use their headphones for their games and gaming devices!

    I've enjoyed all the CTR games, this one looks like fun, but I have to admit, quite challenging.
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    Fantastic series! Well deserving of the Apple Design Award they won a year or two ago. Payday for me tomorrow, will be buying for sure!
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    Oddly I think this one was easier than the other games. But still great fun and well worth the money.
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    imma get me this asap
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    If only someone would invent something that you could plug into your device and stick the other end in your ears and only you would hear those sound effects.
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    And laws to enforce their use?
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    you are talking sorcery!

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