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Zero chance tomorrow for the Classic?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by puma1552, Sep 11, 2012.

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    So far it doesn't look good for the Classic.

    If there are no updates tomorrow and they go so far as to discontinue it, are you going to run out and grab one of the last ones?

    I've got two of the current gen Classics that are flawless and work great, but are from Christmas '09, meaning they are three years old...kind of thinking of getting a new one to reset the clock on the hard drive and battery, and sell one/both of my current ones.
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    If they are discontinued I'll run and grab one each a.s.a.p :rolleyes:
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    Definitely considering it. I had a Classic, it bit the dust due to careless water damage on my part, so I've been back to my 30GB 5G since. If there's a 128GB iPod Touch option at $299, I'll give that a go, but if it's at $399 as I suspect, I'll probably stick with a Classic. 64GB just wouldn't be enough for me - I already have ~50GB in music alone, I don't want something that will be too small for me in a year, plus iPod touch would be a bit of a waste if I don't have any room for any photos. I liked storing my photos in full res on my Classic, handy to have them and nice to have the piece of mind of another backup.
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    Probably should discontinue it.
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    Wish there was something. Mine lags really badly, especially at the home screen. I have the current generation.
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    Well, nothing was announced. Hope they still keep making the current Classic at least.
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    Current Classic still remains available in the store.
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    SO no rush to buy yet, hmm I may just get one from Amazon as they're going to start charging tax this Saturday.
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    Since classic isn't updated. Was there a difference in 2010 classic and 2011 or it was the same inside and out?
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    There has been no change I believe since 2009.
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    Will they include the new type headphones with classic now or
    No? Probably not
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    Looks like it cheated death for another year since the touch didn't get a 128 GB version.
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    What irritates me is there's already a 320gb version of the same hard drive from toshiba. My 160gb is already full my CDs ripped via apple lossless for my home stereo. (yes I could just use an airport extreme with my laptop, but I love the fact that my classic is also used in my BMW and Honda)
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    I believe the 160gb 1.8" drive is 5mm single platter drive whereas the 320gb is 9mm high double platter. It would mean a fatter iPod, like the first gen 160gb classic that sold alongside the 80gb.
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    That's the first I've heard of the 320 gb, but I do know Toshiba has had a 240 gig single platter 1.8" for quite a while.

    They at least could've dropped the price to $200.
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    I just bought a classic the back of it says 2009. Is that mean its been sitting on a shelf and is old? Should I worry? Or all say that
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    It's the copyright year on the device, it has no relation to the age of it.
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    Oh ok. There is no way to tell how long been there.

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