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Zinio, best magazines

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by HE15MAN, Nov 14, 2010.

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    What are some magazines you recommend through Zinio?

    Also, anyone have any coupons or codes?
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    I have both National Geographic and National Geographic Traveller...they have the iPad Magazine thing figured out with video, slideshows, and a great layout.

    I also got ESPN the magazine (was a decent price) and Foreign Policy magazine- both are good, but no additional flair.

    I have Macworld as well- I think there is a coupon online for a free year, if you search for it.
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    Maxim on Zinio is unoptimized and full of ads.

    Zinio's fault for not pre-caching next page.
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    I'm lovin' Zinio and each release of the app just keeps getting better. So far I've subscribed to National Geographic, Popular Science and iPhone Life. Still can't believe how cheap the subscriptions are... I think I'm paying about $2 an issue in Canada for National Geo.

    They've improved the wi-fi download speed with the latest version and you're able to tell it also to not backup your magazines from the iPad so that it doesn't slow down your normal sync's with iTunes. Zinio keeps a backup of your mags on their site and you can download them again anytime so no worries.

    If you authorize it with your Zinio account, they'll also email you deals on certain subscriptions pretty regularly so that helps too if one of the magazine deals catches your eye. Cheers!

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    Motorcycle buff so i have: motorcyclist, super streetbike, road racer x, macworld, and maxim. None of them have the extra flair, and yes, maxim is full of ads. I think I bought most of my subscriptions for $10 and under. The national geographic free issue was incredible though. I think I will actually get a subscription soon. That is how digital magazines should be.
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    They have the biggest range of content but not the best app for viewing magazines on iPad.

    Wired and New Yorker are far better experiences.
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    How is the pdf viewing on the iPad using the iBooks app? I have magazines in pdf form on my Macbook but its not optimal for viewing since the monitor is obviously not oriented in portrait. I'm thinking the iPad would be excellent for that.
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    I am in the IT field, so I was thinking about PC magazine and an Apple magazine of some sort to help make sure I am up to date on the times. Also, I am getting into photography and would like to get one of those also. Any recommendations?
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    They look great IMO
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    They are good, however I prefer Good Reader to read magazine pdfs. Easier to sort by title, year, etc.
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    Last I tried Zinio, the navigation was just truly awful. Has this improved? I've also heard, even recently, that the image quality was sub-par - specifically with the Nat Geo subscription. True? Untrue?

    I'm currently using iBooks to read pdf versions, which is awesome. I bring them in via GoodReader, and store them in iBooks.
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    Navigation while reading? They seem pretty basic/ok for me. Almost identical to iBooks
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    In general - it's been a while, so I don't exactly remember the issue, just that it was painful enough to turn me off for a long time. I think zooming/scrolling, etc.
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    Hard to say as you don't indicate how long it's been since you used Zinio. I find the navigation to be just fine and it works with swipes, pinch zoom, etc. Easiest solution however is to download it and try it. The app is free I believe and they do offer an assortment of various free magazines to try it out. Then you'll know if you like the newer version or not. Cheers!

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    Ok, playing with it now. Much improved since last time I used it! Not sure I prefer it yet over a good pdf, but I'll definitely give it a chance.
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    Does Zinio Delete your old magazines when next months come out or do you keep them for viewing 3 years from now.

    Just wonder if it's like apple tv and boom it's gone
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    They stay on as long as you want them too. You can delete them whenever you want. You can always go back and re-download anything you've deleted as well.
    It also keeps copies on their website so you can view it on your desktop/laptop too.
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    OK take this as something from someone in the print industry, but get over the annoyance with ads. Just because you spend some amount of money on something doesn't mean that money pays for all the work that goes into it. The Zinio price is $15/year, which is barely more than $1 per issue. The cover price is about $70. You already get a HUGE discount by subscribing. But $15/year doesn't cut it. Same thing with the 50 cents you spend on a newspaper.

    You want us to cut out the ads? OK. That'll be $19.95 for your Maxim, please.
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    I forgot to mention something related to Maxim/Zinio.

    I found this site called e-rewards (www.e-rewards.com) that allows you to earn stuff like a free Maxim subscription, either in print or digitally. You get peanuts for every one that you do, but over time it builds up.

    The poster who mentioned that Maxim wasn't optimized for iPhone 4 is correct to a point. The first month I got, July 2010, was NOT optimized. The text looked fine, but the photos got very blurry when you zoomed in. That was fixed in August. I tried deleting the issue and restoring, but it still didn't work. I guess there was no reason to do so until the iPhone 4 came about, but that kinda sucks for older issues.
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    Get real. The ads in the Zinio maxim are not usual ads you see in the print edition or other magazines. They're all the SAME. Every 2-3 page turns you see the same maxim's own ads. Lately it's those "app attack, get your maxim app"-add. Before it was the "vote for maxim hottie"-adds.

    It's more like maxim can't get advertisers for the ipad/iphone version, so they just fill the space with their own "made with MSpaint"-ads.
  22. pagansoul, Nov 18, 2010
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    You must remember not to keep too many magazines on the iPad because it will slow your nightly backup to a crawl. Load just what you want to read. To delete all your past issues just remove the app and reload again. Your backup can be on your computer or on the website. I've been doing Zinio since 2003 and have hundreds of magazines backed up but only have the current Natl Geo on my iPad currently (has its own app). Current subscriptions:

    National Geographic
    National Geo Traveler
    iPhone Life
    Home Theatre
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    You can delete whatever issues you like now off of your iPad with Zinio, no need to delete the app and re-install. Also, they have a setting now that allows you to disable the backup of magazines during a sync so that you don't bog down your sync speed. Cheers!

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    Are the Zinio mags just digital copies of the print mag (not particularly appealing to me I think it's a waste of the screen) or are they enhanced for the ipad?.

    The only mag I read is the iGizmo one, good content with video reviews included, easy to navigate, 3D rotating views for products, it's really well laid out and is a good example of how mags should be presented on an electronic display.

    Best of all it's free so check it out if you haven't already.
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    Ios4.2 fixed the backuptime.

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