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Zune 2 is official

Discussion in 'iPod' started by ProjektJ, Oct 2, 2007.

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    page 2? pshh
  2. JNB
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    In related news, Zune 2's were sighted gathering dust on an endcap at Sears...
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    you have to admit though, that the wireless syncing that the zune has is pretty cool. iPod touch's should have this as well.
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    Although wifi syncing sounds convenient, it's got to be much slower than USB2 and would drain the battery no end, unless you're going to plug it in to charge - then why not just dock it to sync with USB2.

    Worth keeping an eye on that feature - if nothing else.
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    Not really, 500KB/s isn't that slow.

    another exciting feature of ZUNE2???

    ZUNE1 users can software update their ZUNE to have all the new features of ZUNE2!

    Now if apple can do something like that...
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    Zune? :confused:

    Some sort of mexican desert?
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    So good they had to make a second one.

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