Zune incompatible with Windows Vista

Discussion in 'iPod' started by mdntcallr, Nov 14, 2006.

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    According to AppleInsider, Zune is incompatible with Vista.

    How funny is that? Feel free to insert joke or just laugh at Redmond.

    Apparently, Microsoft has been so focused on getting Zune out the door in time for the mad holiday rush that it hasn't gotten around to supporting the player under its next-generation operating system.

    Though seemingly implausible, the screenshot below tells the story (while raising some questions at the same time).

    "This operating system is currently not supported by Zune," reads an error message when trying to install Zune software on the latest versions of Microsoft's own Windows Vista operating system.

    In an official Zune support document, Microsoft, which will begin selling Vista to business customers in two weeks, confirms that the system "is not supported at this time."

    And for those wondering, the splash screen of three oriental chicks in distress isn't our contributor's stab at a knee-slapper. It's the official installer backdrop chosen by the Redmond, Wash. folks to appear for each and every customer who installs a Zune.

    "We really have the foundation here to ship more and more opportunity to enjoy entertainment experiences,'' Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer explained in an interview with Bloomberg earlier in the day.

    In a Q&A session with BusinessWeek last month, Ballmer offered similar sentiments on the wireless capabilities of his company's new digital media player.

    "I want to squirt you a picture of my kids. You want to squirt me back a video of your vacation. That's [an] experience," he said.
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    why does this not surprise me? Oh yah thats why microsoft was behind it. I actually had high hopes for the zune as mostly the same people who did xbox and 360 worked on it.

    edit: those photos are just plain weird.
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    In the past, their own software was always incompatible with new releases, apparently because they were using backdoor APIs that had been moved or not installed at beta time.
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    yeah, but it is just stupid to have a big release of your OS, and a hardware player, but not have them compatible.

    that said, vista will not roll out smoothly, nor fast. so.... probably not many adopters very quick.

    wonder what software will not be compatible with vista also. i am sure alot more than XP had.
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    Already being discussed Here.
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    Squirt......did Steve Ballmer really say "squirt"? How many millions of dollars did some marketing genius get paid to come up with that?
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    I don't think he came out with that word. Because a lot of people knows what a squirt is...and normaly, it is largely used in the porn industry to mean something that I think no one at M$ could do!!!;)
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    He also doesn't let his kids use Google.

    Developers! Developers! Developers! Developers! Developers! Developers!
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    Yea, I got a weird image when I read that...
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    Remember hes refering to a turd!
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    Oh s888t he commit.
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    NO, not with the Zune installer backdrop:

    In a Q&A session with BusinessWeek last month, Ballmer offered similar sentiments on the wireless capabilities of his company's new digital media player.

    "I want to squirt you a picture of my kids. You want to squirt me back a video of your vacation...


    That's [an] experience," he said.
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    Not having good images of Zune right now. :rolleyes: :eek:

    ^^and that picture just does not look right. Not saying that just because it's MS, but even MS could have chosen a better picture than that. I mean you set up your new Zune and you see a girl who appears to be in pain.
  14. Nuc
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    What's even more disturbing is the two girls on top of each other :D Looks like squirt and pron describes the picture well... :rolleyes:

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    Seems more like M$ r**ing to me.
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    Does anyone know if zune works on OSX. I assumed it would but if it doesn't even work with vista I don't see it working well or even at all on the Mac.

    FYI - I am just curious, not considering getting one.
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    It doesn't surprise me one bit, lets face it how long has Plug and Play been out for and how long is it still not fully supported with XP.

    And more to the point I would NEVER buy a Zune because of rootkit.
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    Zune is not compatible with Macs.
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    "Zune incompatible with Vista."

    So? So what? Vista's not out yet. It just went gold not too long ago. There is more than enough time for the Zune devs to get the software updated to work with the RTM builds of Vista before anyone out in the real world actually has a retail copy of Vista.

    Let's not forget that Vista was in beta. You don't write your final code to work with a beta product. You write it to work with the final RTM build of the product.

    Sheesh. I don't know why anyone thinks this is a big deal... if you're running Vista right now, don't forget that you are running BETA software.
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    They've got 2 weeks. Release for business customers is Nov. 30, 2006...
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    Of course but both products are proving to be behemoth so it's time to toss those to the elefants.
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    All that "squirting" at the "social" going about...
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    business customers are always last to upgrade their OS.
    this indeed is M$'S fumble, but also indeed does not affect gr8 number of user at all.
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    Does anybody know anyone that has actually bought one and has tried it out first hand?
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    I own one. Supposedly you can do the registry hack for vista but who wants to do that?

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