Zune sales plummet by 54%

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by LaDirection, Jan 24, 2009.

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    Well if they sold 20 last year, and only 11 this year, I mean, 54% makes it sound like there's a big difference :p

    (I'm now very tired, and lacking good humor)
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    So ... they sold 7 instead of 13 this year?
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    Haha, I do believe we hiveminded there r.j.s
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    I guess we did.
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    Meh. squirting was just a fad. All 37 people jumped on the bandwagon but realized there was nobody to squirt with. (or is it squirt on?)
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    People must have checked out The Social™, and walked out when they asked themselves, "The Social? What the hell does that even mean?"
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    I thought The Social™ ended a long time ago.
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    LOL... I like my HD DVD player (on my XB360)...

    I think that Circuity City going out-of-business selling them at close-out should help Zune sales a little... :eek:
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    Has anyone actually seen someone using this Zune??? Seriously.
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    I've still yet to see a Zune in the flesh.

    iPod killer No. 1987399388 - Fail.
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    They're made out of flesh?

    No wonder they don't sell so hot...
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    Judging by the colour of the brown ones, I'm not sure it's flesh that they're made out of!
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    Now that i think about it I dont think i have :eek: wow, what a failure of a product.
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    No one said anything about human flesh...

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    I have, on a flight from Dallas to Chicago.

    He also had a Blackberry, and a personal DVD player.

    Struck me as a rabid antiAppler. The snarl on his face when everybody else around him whipped out their iPods at 10,000 feet was just icing at that point.
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    I saw a Zune once. The guy said he was using it because someone was giving them away for free at his school. That was a year ago and I haven't seen one since. I've seen lots of iPods though.

    Oh and I saw a second one at Radio Shack, does that count?
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    I saw a cardboard one in one of those electronics departments. I was impressed with it's usefulness and reliability.
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    The battery life is pretty awesome too, I hear.
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    I have actually seen 3. One was the original, hugeass version. I saw it while I was I was in the airport. A guy was crouched on the ground using it, and I literally stopped in my track in surprise. I stood around the guy for like 5 minutes trying to not look suspicious while checking out the Zune. I was so curious because I have never seen one before in my life. The 2nd and 3rd one are the new ones (HD version, not flash). Those look much better and I was more prepared this time. Btw, I tried it out, and it just doesn't seem to be very intuitive :rolleyes:.
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    I've not seen one but then again MS failed to even launch the product here. I know there's usually a gap between US and UK launch... But it's been 3 years so far!

    I never wanted a Zune anyways. Heck I don't see any big reason to replace my 5.5G with a new iPod (even a Touch).
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    What I find funny is early last year Microsoft has said the Zune has sold over 2 million units. At CES 09 duning the keynote Steve Ballmer or someone said that Microsoft has sold over 2 million Zunes. What? Microsoft is still saying they sold 2 million units. So their saying they didn't sell any Zunes at all in 2008? I never seen anyone with a Zune how sad
  24. dL.
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    I've never seen anyone with a Zune before. Only from Best Buy :D

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    My Dad got one before the ipod touches came out; he was a fan of the slightly larger screen at the time. But I think it has more to do with his personal vendetta against Apple (from over 20 years ago) that keeps him from buying an ipod than the fact that he actually likes the Zune. Speaking of the 'Social,' that reminds me of the wonderful picture that came with the original installer; what was going on with that one girl?


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