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Zune vs. iPhone: Five Phases of Media Coverage

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 19, 2007.

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    Talk about sarcasm...
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    i know.. nice link
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    Thanks. I thought it was a pretty interesting read so I thought I would share it.
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    Ha, that was the most sarcastic thing I have read all week.

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    That was fantastic.

    My favourite line...

    "Janus promised to unite the digital media world under the familiar, watchful eye of the Redmond Father..."

    Almost poetic, that. :D
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    I like this site, even if it is pretty biased. Good link.
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    Generally Roughly Drafted does a good job of tying what it says to actual hard data. To me that is what separates opinion from bias. It is the most infomative computer sites out there since John Gruber discovered he could make a living writing short paragraphs.
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    I second that... RoughlyDrafted Magazine and Daring Fireball are my personal favorites. All of their articles, biased or not, are tongue-in-cheek. Too bad I hadn't found about Daniel Eran's site before, as it's seldomly featured on MacBytes, much less than Gruber's. Now I'm glad I did. Not that I didn't know about FUD before, but the RDM site's archives certainly help to put it into perspective in a witty, amusing way (and talk about those hilarious Photochopped™ pictures :p ). As for DF, I absolutely love those "Jackass of the Week" articles... :D
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    "Please pay no attention to what's actually going on, and focus on BS instead."

    Microsoft's lied to us????:eek:

    I'm going to ask Michael Dell's opinion...
  11. Nym
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    lol, good reading :)

    Everyday I find more and more strange the fact that so many people worship and love M$...

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