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    1. iJohnHenry
      Dis'ing ads gets too close to Arn's source of income. ;)
    2. leftywamumonkey
      I'm glad you like her too! Half-Asian girls are so attractive. I was never a fan of G4 though. :)
    3. wordoflife
      I thought you had a iPad 2 ... in white. Anyways I guess i just need to test drive the camera more in the day light. Not too bad, but it won't be replacing my main camera.
    4. wordoflife
      32GB Black AT&T!
      Originally wanted to go to AT&T store to look around, but then I decided that I would buy an iPhone provided they had any in stock. So I asked curiously expecting them to say they were sold out, but they had 0 16Gb's, 1 32GB black, and multiple 64GB in black/white. Originally I was going to get a 16GB (white or black .. I like both colors) but since they had none I just got the 32GB (which is fine since my old phone is 32GB). And I have no regret getting black though, I love it.

      The upgrade between my 3GS to 4S has been okay. Not as fast as I thought, and the camera is a bit hit or miss on the 4S. The only thing I like better (and notice) is the retina display and design of the phone. But speed wise it's basically the same. And the battery life is worst on the 4S. Hope there's an update to resolve the issue.

      but overall I guess I'm happy. but my 3GS wasn't that bad.
    5. wordoflife
      Finally got my 4S! Haha
      After all this time XD
    6. jvmxtra
      lol... yeah, Originally HUGE Arnold fan but Loken was superb in that movie.. :-) too bad James cameron didn't make the movie but hey good enough for me.. !!!!
    7. wordoflife
      Well, yours is fairly new. And yeah I know the dirt is still there but considering I'm going to keep this for 2 years, I'd want to minimize the appearance of dirt. I'm certainly leaning towards black, but agreed, both are great.
    8. wordoflife
      Haha I'm leaning towards black. I would think that the white one gets dirty eventually around the sides and home button.
    9. wordoflife
      I figured you would! I'm planning to get mine sometime this month. Still undecided on the color, but whatever. :)
    10. wordoflife
      Forget about nature, post a picture of your iphone!! heheh
    11. wordoflife
      I've seen the need for an iPad (and I was told I was getting one come Christmas), so I'll gladly take it! Haha. But I also need a new phone :p

      I think i'm going to get a white iPhone. At least I hope I do before I change my mind again :D
    12. wordoflife
      I went to the AT&T store and saw the white and black ones and they were both nice. I'm going to the Apple store this weekend so I guess I'll take a look at it over there and give it one more thought.

      I'm going to buy a black ipad regardless (don't like the white one), so maybe I should spice it up and get a white iPhone.

      We'll seee
    13. wordoflife
      You are not afraid of breaking it? Well anyways I noticed that white only looks good to me without a case. I'm planning to get an ultraslim Sena leather holster for my phone. I can't decide what color iPhone I want!

      Btw you can blow your dock with compressed air
    14. wordoflife
      Do you have a case/screen protector for your 4S
    15. wordoflife
      Haven't had a dropped call with AT&T at all down here, to be honest.
    16. wordoflife
      You've been missing out for a while! I still don't have my 4S, but at least I have my 3GS ;)
      They probably wanted a $100 deposit because they probably don't feel you don't have enough credit or something. Anyways, how are the HSPA+ speeds? (speedtest?)
    17. wordoflife
      SO AWESOME. I'm a bit jealous! I want my 4S!!!!! :D How do you like the whole smartphone thing??
    18. wordoflife
      The one that's across Walmart? That's my nearest store, lol. I decided I'll just order online since it's sold out almost everywhere. Plus, then I can unbox it myself :)
    19. DoFoT9
      May?? you don't have a choice...
    20. DoFoT9
      OH! very nice. that is very exciting. unboxing pictures?!!?
    21. Pink∆Floyd
      lol is will this be your first iphone?
    22. Shrink
      and this one was supposed to be a failure because no new form factor - RIGHT!
    23. wordoflife
      That's what I was thinking.
    24. wordoflife
    25. wordoflife
      I have an idea, why don't you buy an unlocked iPhone 4S and use it w/ T-Mobile? You can also count on the resale value being pretty good, considering that it's unlocked. Yeah, it might be expensive up front, but a 2 year contract is still going to cost you more. Plus, phones on Sprint/Verizon/AT&T won't sell as well. Honestly - I'd consider doing this. Do the math yourself and it'll be cheaper.
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