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    1. willmtaylor
      What are your plans for AppShopper with the 64-bit requirement looming?
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    2. Tæylor
      Hello there
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    3. Adrian.
      Actually glad you use XenForo.
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    4. grahamperrin
      The very recent improvements, in the day or so since introduction of the new theme, are remarkable. Cleaner, subtly less cluttered. Love it. Thanks to everyone who's helping to make this happen!
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    5. rob25255
      Hi Arn

      Loving the new forum..thank you:-) Just subscribed and paid via PayPal.It showed an unsecure form after I paid to go back to macrumors which I went ahead with hesitantly. Just wanted to let you know of this and also to find out if my status gets changed from regular to contributor?

      Thanks again for hours of fun and knowledge on this site.


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      2. arn
        Thanks for heads up. Lemme look at that
        Jun 2, 2015
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      3. grahamperrin
        Jun 2, 2015
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    6. grahamperrin
      Recalling and the two-week open test period that preceded migration to XenForo: responses to feedback, from you and your colleagues, were – without exception – faultless. Thank you! An extraordinarily good end result.
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    7. poiihy
      Great XenForo is coming
      Why aren't there many visitor messages here?
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    8. Rod Trendy
      Rod Trendy
      Hi arn,

      sorry to bother you. Could you delete my account, please?
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    9. theipodgod16
      Hey there. Saturday is my 10 year anniversary on the forums. Just wanted
      to say thanks and that MacRumors has been the most consistent website I've
      been going to since I was on Jaguar and doing backups to my external DVD drive.
      Hard to believe how far we've come. Cheers to another 10.

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    10. stroked
      This person is using this forum for spam. Here is an email I just received.

      Please I would really appreciate your help :)

      floder3000 @ MacRumors Forums
      <> Thu, Aug 9, 2012 at 4:28 PM

      This is a message from floder3000 at MacRumors Forums (

      To email floder3000, you can use this online form:

      Hi there!
      I hope it's ok that I contact you here. My name is Juliane and I am a student writing my dissertation about participation in the MacRumors community. I really don't mean to spam and this will be the only time I contact you, promised!

      I am doing a survey, which only takes about 5-10 minutes.

      As a thank you for your participation in my survey, I will do a price draw for a new IPOD SHUFFLE (optional) :)
      You can participate here:

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    11. The General
      The General
      i goat se bombed your forum because it's full of retards. im out. the last 5 years have been informative. later arn
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    12. RalfTheDog
      Hi, I just wanted you to know. All private messages posted on this board are readable from the users public profile. I don't know if this is the intended behavior, however, if it is, you might want to post some kind of warning.
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    13. extremei5
      Could you dedicate a (sticky)thread for Apple store pre orders? it turns out everyone in the carrier threads are regarding pre orders from that carrier and there's scattered threads of apple store pre orders and i'm having trouble keeping track :/ Thank you!

      Oops! just noticed what i thought i wrote yesterday was deleted and you actually recieved it. so sorry for asking twice

      Again Thank you for any help in this matter :)
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    14. extremei5
      Notice you started threads for international and the 3 US carriers for pre-ordered Iphone 4s and i was wondering if you could start a thread for the Apple store pre oredered iphone 4s? Going into At&t's thread (which is my carrier) only has everyone discussing thier orders from At&t :( Hopefully your the go to person to ask. Thanks in advance :)
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    15. Cheffy Dave
      Cheffy Dave
      Can MR start a fund for the poor souls in Alabama? I'd like to be first for $100, let me know how to do it, this would be awesome, can you set it up?
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    16. Fiveos22
      Nice new look
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    17. Savage
      Good job on the successful vB update! ;)
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    18. ImNoSuperMan
      First!!!!! :P
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