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    1. winterquilt

      Improving on this, in a more complicated scenario, would be if selecting a group of files (of varying stamped colours), the white one(s) should change to the stamp tool's set colour, while existing coloured ones would do so only on a second click, leaving the third to bleach all the colours back to white.

      I find with the current 11A459e release if I click the down arrow on the new design, whatever file is highlighted will then change to the selected colour, which seems strange as this is surely just meant to select the colour. Before it was more of a compact design and like many things in iOS the idea of pressing and holding to receive more seems intuitive enough to most.
    2. winterquilt
      Hi, I read a post that lends to the idea you might be registered as a dev on the Apple forums, well I can't actually use the dev forums as I'm not registered but was wondering if you could pop a bit of feedback on there, if you agree with it?

      That is I strongly feel the original Stamp Tool was better looking than the new one:


      The original was quirky and looked much better, it just looked cute!

      However the use of it could be improved because in computing one expects when pressing something that repeating the action will reverse it; once to make it work and again to revert back. Click once to change the colour and a second time to bleach the colour just makes sense and is less fiddly.

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