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    1. Blorzoga
      I think I set up express checkout on the website. I don't know whether it will be functional when it comes to buying the iPhone tomorrow morning, but I guess I'll find out. When I go to a product on the app (like an iPod), I do get the "buy now" button rather than the "add to cart" button. Do you have the latest version of the app? You probably do because it forces you to get it if yours is outdated. Maybe try re-setting up express check out on the website. I know that when I set it up, I think I changed my credit card. Then the next time I downloaded a song or maybe an app, it had me verify the 3-digit security code on my card. That may have somehow activated the express check out. I definitely get the "buy now" option, though. Good luck. I'm really hoping things go smoothly at 3AM. I plan to have my macbook, my phone, and two iPads ready to go in case one gets hung up. From experience, the app is usually the most effective method. That will be my first choice from my phone.
    2. mc751n
      Hello! I saw your post in the "Apple to Offer In-Store Pickup Option for iPhone 6 Pre-Orders" thread and had a question maybe you could answer. In the new Apple Store app I don't see anything for express checkout. I don't see it in account or settings, and if I go to purchase anything like an iPad or a Mac I see the "Add to Cart" button instead of "Buy Now". Do you? If I go to account settings on I do have express checkout enabled.

      Just looking to place my order as fast as possible in hopes of getting it on launch day.
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