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    1. geko29
      The apple batteries are rebadged Eneloops. The primary advantage of Eneloops is they don't self-discharge quickly. You can charge them today, and a year from now, they'll have an 80% charge. This compares to standard NiMh which will be dead in 6 weeks, sometimes sooner (MUCH sooner if they're old). The tradeoff for this is slightly lower capacity. But in a low-drain device like a keyboard or remote, it's a match made in heaven.

      The magic mouse is a bit of a different animal. It chews through batteries like nobody's business. Here Eneloops are actually a hindrance, due to their lower capacity. For my marketing guy (the heaviest magic mouse user), they last about 3 days, vs. 5 for the high-cap (2500Mah) Energizer rechargeables.

      So I appreciate the tip, and I'll throw one back at you: When you need to add some more batteries to your collection, get some Eneloops. They're identical, and less than half the price.
    2. igorleandro
      Hi geko29,

      I recently remembered a post you made in a thread about the mighty mouse and having to replace batteries too often.

      About two months ago I bought one of those apple rechargers and to my surprise, even after two months, my bluetooth keyboard is still going with the first batteries charge. Other batteries I used before lasted two weeks at the best too.

      I won't go techie on the why, but maybe apple did design those specifically for keyboard and mouse use, and it seems they definitely did a good job.

      For $30, I thought you might want to check it out. =)

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