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    1. abhibeckert
      Re: iMessage back door

      I can't reply in the politics board...

      When you send a message to me, iOS asks Apple for a list of my devices, then encrypts the message for each one.

      Apple can add an extra device that is not owned by me.

      Under US Law, the NSA or FBI can force Apple to add an extra device to anyone's iCloud account and they would be required to keep it secret (or else face a prison sentence).

      Apple claims they have never done so. But they could be forced to.

      The back door has not been closed. It's still there, showing users a list of recipient devices would close it.

      iCloud Keychain has some very disturbing behavior. Keychain is encrypted twice, once for read/write access with strong encryption and again for read only access with weak encryption. There is no plausible explanation for encrypting twice and they're fscking crazy to use weak encryption for Keychain.

      All of the above is published in Apple's iOS security whitepaper.
    2. Choctaw
      I liked that part where you wrote over and over again "Fact is...Fact is....Fact is...Fact is. Made me think of logic class where they say facts are true or false. Mostly what is said in the forum here is opinion at best. The arguments people make can be like men just pretenders looking to get some air time.
    3. realitystops
      Plain English?
      Would that it was.
      Good to meet ya.
    4. justinfreid
      7,200+ posts? Wow. I just responded to you in the 16 iTunes URL thread.
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