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    1. greytmom
      So sorry, just noticed this message! I called ATT the next day and explained that it was NOT my intention to switch plans. The rep I spoke to said that she did not see any notation on my account about my unlimited data plan going away, and that she would note the account with my call. She said to check in a couple of days to make sure plan was the same, and so far (a week later) it is indeed the same.

      Hope that helps!
    2. janakin2k5

      I saw your post about buying iPhone 6 from ATT's site. I did the same last night and saw the section saying all my devices would be converted to your new Mobile Share Value plan within 48 hours.....

      However, below where it says shipping method, it shows my phone number, the iPhone 6 in particular I ordered, and under Plan: Default Family Rate Plan

      I am grandfathered in under the old unlimited data plan and certainly do not want to lose it.

      Have you inquired with ATT about this? I can imagine it might take hours to talk to anyone on the phone at ATT today.

      Thank you,

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