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    1. wiski15b
      ....(continued) but will that eat up all the bandwidth from slot 4 making it impractical for use with a USB 3 card? Ive read all the threads I can find about these topics but was looking for the most up to date info from people in the know. Any input would be great!
    2. wiski15b
      Hey there,
      I was wondering if you could help me with some of my questions. I am looking to add m.2 drives to my 2009 Mac Pro (5,1 flash). I need some extremely fast read write times to work with RAW 4k RED footage. But at the same time I would like to have a USB 3 or 3.1 card to offload the data. Now I know if I set up raid 0 between slots 2 and 3 that will give me the best performance, (continued)....
    3. Rog210
      Hey there, I was hoping you could help with something as we have similar setups. I just got a Seiki 39 and hooked it up to my 1,1 Mac Pro w/HD6870 and I can't set 4k in display prefs, there's nothing above 1080p. Windows couldn't either but I did get it working in the end, full 4k desktop in Windows 7 looks amazing. On the Mavericks side though, I'm at a loss. I tried Mac > DP-to-HDMI > HDMI > Seiki as well as straight HDMI.

      I'd be glad for any insight you might have, thanks!
    4. umbilical
      hi! man I need you help!!!!

      I see a post of you about you change you video card of you macpro! with a 6870.

      I have a macpro 2008, 3,1 and my ****** gt8800 is dead!

      so I know that I can buy the official apple 5770 for $250 or the 5870 for $480 but are expensive, so I see that you and other people buy the nvidia 6870, that not need flashed!

      my questions:

      1. this guy use a black edition
      but all people buy this:

      is the same???

      2. that SAPPHIRE is the best option right now for my macpro?

      3. that SAPPHIRE is better than the 5770??? and almost the same than the 5870???

      4. I need buy 2 cables? please where can buy on newegg? link please

      5. problems? no boot screen, dvd player dont work and most important! works with MOUNTAIN LION?

      please what you recommend for come alive my macpro again??? you are my only guide!!! thank you
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