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Jk, you are my alter ego in this forum that I use to stir the pot and start fights with myself. ;) :D Thank you! Sep 27, 2017

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Viewing thread 200+ killed in mosque attack in northern Egypt, Nov 24, 2017 at 9:37 AM
    1. Huntn
      Jk, you are my alter ego in this forum that I use to stir the pot and start fights with myself. ;) :D Thank you!
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    2. jkcerda
      welcome back
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    3. jdiaz2108
      hi man, im don't speak english but im gonna try to explain my idea the better possible, i have a macbook pro and i wanna play ark survival but i can't found nowhere, and in this forum i read that you can download and install that game and my question is if you can tellme where you get the game for mac please, sorry for my english :)
      1. Huntn
        I answered you in a private conversation. :)
        Oct 9, 2015
    4. Limey77
      Hey there,

      Long time lurker with not enough post to comment in PRSI.

      I've been following the Zimmerman thread and tend to agree with you that he is guilty, but highly doubt he'll be found guilty of murder.

      One thing people keep bringing up is the "beyond reasonable doubt" line but I don't believe it applies here. Zimmerman didn't use SYG to try and avoid the trial, instead he is pleading self defence. That's an affirmative defence, in other words he admits he killed Martin but claims it was in self defence, in this case that means that HE has to PROVE that the killing is lawful, all the prosecution has to do is convince one or two jury members that it wasn't.

      That's the double edge of an affirmative defence.

      I still think he will get off, but that's just Florida for you!(says someone with parents in florida).

      Keep up the good work,

      1. Huntn
        I apologize if I did not answer this in the applicable thread. I don't visit this page often. Belated thanks! :(
        Jan 16, 2017
    5. daleslad
      Hi, before I bore you with a long detailed story of what I need let me first ask you if you can advise me as to the best way to clone bootcamp and then restore it without losing any gaming files , like weapon rankings and settings etc.
      If you are able to help me out I will give you more details of my situation.
      Thank you
      1. Huntn
        Only 5 years late, omg, I don't visit this page much and wonder if Inever answered you? Or if Imwas notified. Apologies if I did not. Did you get it cloned? ;)
        Jan 16, 2017
    6. neko girl
      neko girl
      Help forthcoming on your frantic YouTube thread (;

      Um, let me find it first..
    7. Huntn
      Thanks. My avatar is how I feel most of the time. :)
    8. neko girl
      neko girl
      Nice avatar (:
    9. rasmasyean
      Hey, did you try EVE Online btw? Or are you too busy with WoW now...hehe.

      It's actually a lot "babied" up now. I guess they want more casual players like WoW.

      If you still want to try it, I have a way to get you a "free" 51 days if interested.
      There's a "buddy invite" that gives a 21-day-trial.
      Then I can buy you this "30-Day-Time-Code Item" with currency.
      You pick it up and activate it in game, you get an account +30 days, and I will also get +30 days for "referal commision".
      And I have enough currency to blow on it! :)
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