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    1. rossihvac
      Looking for your guy from tmobiles info if that's possible


    2. kmichalec
      Yes, if you take your AT&T iphone 5 in within the 1 year warranty period and get it swapped for any reason, they will give you one that has the AWS band enabled. Basically, the hardware was always there in the iPhone 5s, but was never turned on when they were only providing to AT&T. But once they started providing to TMobile, they enabled the hardware. But, instead of having to keep track of which have the hardware enabled and which don't, they've just enabled it on all swapped GSM iPhone 5's. Check out this thread. It's long, but the key is to make sure when you get a new one, you get one that ends in one of the serial numbers listed in the first post. After that, it's a matter of getting the phone unlocked, either by AT&T after you end the contract, or via an unlock supplier from eBay. Either will work.

      Glad to help...
    3. JavierDiaz4
      So you mean if I trade the IPhone ATT 5 still within the 1 year warranty you get an even swap? That would apply to all ATT converters with an ATT IPHONE 5. We got ours in September. Wow, please let me know if this is what you mean. Thanks man, owe you one.
    4. JavierDiaz4
      Thanks a million for the feedback. I'll definitely proceed then. I did do my own research and felt pretty comfortable too. I'll be using my current IPhone 5 ATT, so we'll see how that goes. Thanks again.
    5. JavierDiaz4
      Hi KMichaelc, did you have no concerns with identity theft when you provided your info to the gentleman from TMobile
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