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    1. Grayburn
    2. pirouli
    3. I Love Mac
      I Love Mac
      Hey I just saw a few of your posts and I'm wondering what theme your using and that weather widget, thanks in advance they look so nice!!!
    4. SeedAter
      Hi LEXS1411,
      I have an offer for you.
      I'm deeply impressed by your lockscreen:
      I understand that this are costume made for ppl that ordered them from you.

      I would love if you could help me. I'm a Costume fan and I made some myself. but not on this level.

      The only thing i can offer you is an invitation for TorrentLeech that worth some, if you don't have an account there already.

      ty for your time. and sorry for my english.
    5. stapleboy
      Hey, Lex :) I got a question for you. I've been trying to find the word-clock widget that displays, for example 11:02 as 'eleven o'two'. I'm trying to find it for my the top of my springboard (not my lockscreen). I want it to be just under the status bar. I', on 4.2.1 and am terrible at coding (otherwise, I'd do it myself!) Do you know if a widget like this is available for download? Thanks!
    6. Grayburn
      Morning Lexs.

      I'm still using your Lockscreen widget and would like to delete the two white lines.The one between the calendar & clock and the one under the weather...see screenshot.


      Hope you can help?
    7. Happytodd
      Hello there mate,
      I just downloaded the Breeze HD theme you posted on a thread and I absolutely love it. Then I went to download Ring Slider however I'm not sure where I should place it in SSH, can you help me please!
    8. crovian
      Hi there, I just joined to ask you if you would be willing to share your signal bar icon set (the one with dots) I see a lot of people in the 'post your screenshot' thread and it seems like they all got it from you. So if you'd be kind to post it for me to use, i'd greatly appreciate it
    9. robkot
      Lex, I'm really digging the theme you just posted on the post your jailbroken home screen thread. I was wondering if you would be interested in helping me develop some theme considering I'm just a designer? Thanks
    10. ultima89
      Hi LEX, I really admire yr passion towards customizing yr iphone=D Would you mind send my yr HD Icons Mixed Tetra/Advent/Mojo theme and zip it up? Really in love with them=D!!!!
    11. faaiz90
      hi lex...
      i see u always post u homescreen....
      i want to ask how u remote the text "slide to unlock"???
      i has post to forum but still did not work....
      im use os4.1...
    12. blaque831

      Your post in part 2 of Post your homescreen - #204 I believe. I'd like to see if I could get a hold of the stardock icons you are using for that weather widget. I'd really like to add them to another widget. Thanks in advance for any help!!
    13. agallowa
      Hey lex can u send me a zip of the android analog lockscreen? I tried downloading it with ifile and can't get it to work with the official download link and your download links for your themes always work for me.... Thanks.
    14. Berthelsen
      Hello LEXS1411.

      I am new at this forum. I was looking around in the topic called ''post your jailbreaked lockscreen part 2''. At page four i belive there was a lockscreen that you have posted! And I would really love to have that? I am new to iPhone, but it is jailbreaket at this moment. So i was wondering if you would be nice to take the time out, and tell me what to do from the bottom?

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