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    1. iSamurai
      (I think I'm replying to your message correctly here?)

      Hey mate, just realised you sent me a message.

      I currently use an iMac + Macbook Air. It's really a great combo, but I'd get the 21" instead of the 27" if I could choose again.

      The MBA is really portable, I use it in the living room (but more often my iPad) and take it with me to uni every now and then. As for the iMac, it's used when the big screen is needed and especially useful for editing word docs, image processing and making videos.

      I think this combination is good, but it obviously cost a bit more than a macbook pro 15" retina. I use my MBA more than my iMac, but keep most of the file and the browser synced to the cloud (dropbox and chrome).

      It's really up to your budget and what you intend on using them for.

      If you have any more questions feel free to ask.
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