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    1. ericstjohn
      Hi, Mr-Stabby:
      I wandered onto your thread trying to fix the infamous Compressor/Qmaster snafu that's like, over six years strong. (That in itself makes me have second thoughts about my switching over to a Mac, but I digress.)
      So anyhow, I'm running LPS (8) and FCS2 on a G5 11,2 and I'm at my wit's end since I've lost ALL of my software disks to some scumbag who knew where it was residing in my studio- no, I'm not over it yet and thank God for CCC! Of course, they're all long gone unnoticed until I wanted to fix my other issue.
      So anyways, I'm thinking about acquiring FCS3 since I can't find 2 anymore and no, I didn't take precautions in case such a thing did happen- but I'd like to bug you some in the event I can't do the tricky install correctly.
      Think that'll happen? Put it on my noobie account since I'm only about 5 years into the computing thing and I just made The Switch in December!
      Man! I have a headache. One for four days and counting!
      Thanks a lot.
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