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    1. Eidorian
      Sadly no. It's tough to find people with Mac Pros.
    2. jeffreyk
    3. jeffreyk
      I missed one of your questions...From what I understand with the new Mac Pro there is only one HDMI out so the other cable outs must be Thunderbolt/Minidisplay port to Displayport cables. I agree, it would be best to use all three mDP to DP cables. Preferably, each monitor out cable should be on different buses though and not more than two cable outs on a bus. If you need that link to that support doc I can send it to you. Let me know.
    4. jeffreyk
      Part 4 of 4

      My wife's grandfather graduated from Purdue. Of course many, many years ago. I'm originally from outside of Chicago in Big 10 country (Aurora IL) so I'm very familiar with the quality of Purdue University. I love your office! Thanks for the link. I enjoy looking at office spaces as it is inspiring for me to see what the work areas are of different individuals. I'm responding to this in the conversation pane so I believe it is kept between just you and I. I think this is my first private response on this forum so I hope it stays private. When I get my office updated, I will send you a pic of the finished product. Until then, if you have any other questions or any follow-ups, please let me know. You can reach me directly at jeff at thecollectiblescafe dot com. Take care.

    5. jeffreyk
      Part 3 of 4

      The way the three monitors are to be used I may have the side desk hold one of the monitors as the spread of all three monitors is 81.3-inches (27.1-inches wide x the three monitors). This may help with weight distribution as well. The monitors will be set over where the base of the desk intersects with the bow portion. I would have opted for a more substantial desk but my home office is down a narrow-ish hallway and the only type desk that can first in my office is something you can maneuver around corners!

      My wife and I run an online toy and collectibles business. We're going on our third year with our store. The need for the three monitors has arisen because I am opening, closing, minimizing, and maximizing window after window to get our items listed on our store with my current 27-inch iMac. The iMac is great, but I need a little more for the business. The three monitor set up will put an end to all of the wasted time I'm currently experiencing day-to-day.
    6. jeffreyk
      Part 2 of 4

      Regarding the desk, that was probably the most time intensive part of the process. Who knew?!?! I went to IKEA and looked at their Galant model desks but I just didn't have a comfort level with the desks about holding up three 30-inch monitors and the new Mac Pro. After lots of Internet research and some back and forth on desk models -- some very pricey ones and some inexpensive ones -- I opted for a Bush Front Bow Desk and a side matching extension desk. Total length of the desks from side to side is 94-inches. I couldn't find weight limits for the desk before buying but I've used that same model desk years ago and my wife and I believe it'll hold the load of the three monitors just fine. The reviews on the Bush site state that it can hold a good amount of weight. I guess we'll see when everything gets delivered!
    7. jeffreyk
      Part 1 of 4

      Dear mward333,

      Thanks for the emails. I just noticed I had them listed in my notifications so I sincerely apologize for not responding sooner. I hope I adequately answer your questions in this response.

      Regarding displays, I haven't purchased any displays yet, actually. I am waiting for my new Mac Pro to ship later this month and then I'm getting my three monitors. Regarding 4k displays, I am opting for non-4k displays at this time. The technology is just too new and for what I do and they need to come down in price a bit to make it an affordable purchase. If nothing else is released before my new Mac Pro ships I'm looking to get three NEC PA302W 30-inch monitors with the 2560x1600 resolution on each. Regarding the Mini-Display Port to Display Port cables/connections I am using the NEC supplied cables for the monitors.
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